6 comments on “Going Gangsta on BP

  1. Hey Dre,
    Bill Maher is an idiot. How many times have I said that to you? The other day Bill said “We can’t legislate morality.” It’s one of his mantras. Doesn’t he approve of anti-discrimination laws? Laws against rape and violence against women? I think Bill simply loves to here himself talk and doesn’t think much about his logic. As far as Barack and the oil spill. This is Karma, plain and simple. The Dems preached to all those luckless people in New Orleans that the Guvernment should be all knowing and all powerful. That they are the cause and solution to every problem. Now they have to convince them that doesn’t apply when the Dems are in office. Good Luck!

  2. Thing is: Maher actually started the segment pretty funny with the “I’ve been briefed on your pain.” line. But he’s never beent he kind of guy to leave well enough alone and stop while he’s ahead. It’s not in his nature to just let things go before they get too crude.

    But to your main point: I agree 100% (odd that I’m using those string of words together on your blog! LOL). If a conservative said any of this, liberals would be forming picket lines, boycotting sponsors, etc. The double standards make me want to puke.

  3. Dre, have you lost your mind?! Comparing Bill Maher to Rush/Glenn Beck? Bill Maher is a comedian. Those two fools “report” the news, Glenn Beck especially. That’s like the time Tucker Carlson was trying to put Jon Stewart’s feet to fire (for which Mr. Stewart embarassed the sh*t out of him) for not objectively reporting the news. Jon shot back by reminding Carson that his show was on Comedy Central. Comparing “news” men and Bill Maher is ridiculous. Sorry.

    • Co-signed with Miss KD. The difference between between conservatives and liberals – especially the comedian types – is that people like Glenn Beck are serious about their feelings while people like Maher are joking. Maher’s joke uses an established stereotype to make a point (Obama’s not doing enough) and get a laugh. If anything, his audience knows the stereotype is not true. It would be Beck’s audience who might believe in the stereotype, not Maher’s, so Maher is reinforcing nothing. In fact, if Beck was a comedian (he clearly isn’t even remotely funny), and pitched this joke to his audience, he could validly be accused of attempting to reinforce their stereotyped prejudices.

      • Hey KC,
        Beck actually started out doing humor. The only difference is now he’s a joke and doesn’t know it.

  4. Andre, I agree with you on the Obama remarks. Even for a comedian like Maher, that’s pretty tacky. I also think Josh makes some very good points.

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