6 comments on “Not seeing el bosque for los árboles

  1. Hey Dre,
    There’s so much to discuss about immigration that I don’t know where to begin. First, I would like to point out that the law passed in Arizona is a whopping 16 pages long http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070s.pdf, yet our President and A.G. seem to be able to condemn it without ever reading it, according to their own admission. It took me less than 10 minutes. Secondly, there is no civil right to illegally enter someone else’s country. Thirdly, check out the militarized southern border of Mexico, it makes ours look like a line in the sand. Is Obama appeasing Republicans? I don’t know if he’s trying to appease them or the 70% of us that agree with defending our border. With the market down 8% in the past month, the E.U. imploding (Germany or France will leave within the next year, remember you heard it here.) The Gulf of Mexico awash in oil from an apparently unstoppable undersea gusher, All our major opponents going nuclear (dispite Hillary’s “Please, please, please, don’t” approach), and speading completely out of control, Obama had better do something besides focus on “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” or I’ll crawl through broken glass to get my vote back by voting against him next time. BTW, every friend I have that voted for President Obama wants his vote back (Not a good sign.) If he doesn’t turn his liberal agenda around and moderate, he’s going down as the one term black Jimmy Carter.

    • Riiiightt. Everybody wants more border patrol and illegal immigration. But let Obama spend money (serious money) to protecting the border…and here come the Tea Partiers. These morons don’t know WHAT they want. All they know is they don’t want to pay for it.

      • HI Mike,
        I’ve been to two Tea Parties (does that make me a moron?) and I would be happy to pay more taxes to do anything required by our Constitution, it’s more the things like bailing out AIG that make me want my taxes back.

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  3. Here’s a novel idea: while we’re doing everything in our power to launch a witchhunt on Mexicans (let’s keep it real, THAT’S what’s REALLY going on here), why not fine and/or arrest people who employ illegal immigrants? Each time they commit the offense, up the punishment…until their business is ultimately disbanded and they get exposed.

    I’ll argue this until I’m lifeless, but the REAL elephant in the room is not the illegal person jumping to border to provide a better life for themselves and their families. It’s the greedy people exploiting them. Demand and supply. Simple economics.

    • Hi Rajevima,
      I’m curious. Why is arresting people who clearly broke laws a “witchhunt”? On your second point I agree, it’s not enough to only arrest the workers, the employers are equally guilty. I would also point out that not all illegals crossing the Mexican border are Mexicans looking for work, there’s also MS13 members, La Familia members, drug traffickers, and people from other countries who find it easier to go to Mexico (where it’s easy to bribe officials) and cross the border there rather than enter through other means such as an airport where they would face greater scrutiny.

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