7 comments on “Today’s Lesson in Geometry: Shooting a President

  1. Blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine, whine. If a teacher said this about George Bush, you would’ve made him a guest columnist on your blog. Shut up already.

    • Anonymous, I suggest you go back and view a few of Andre’s past posts.

    • Anon: I’m not going to spend my time defending Andre or this site. The man’s a grown up. But you, sir, are a fucking idiot. That’s all.

  2. Anonymous: I don’t know what blog you’ve been reading, but I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, condone murder against an elected officer, ESPECIALLY the POTUS. In fact, I think that EVERY person who claims to be an American should be outraged whenever talks about killing a president take place…REGARDLESS TO WHO THAT PRESIDENT IS!!! Our country has lost nearly 10% of our presidents by an assassin’s bullet. These numbers are unacceptable and deplorable.

    I never did like Bush, I don’t mind saying. But I would’ve turned my own brother in to the Secret Service if I heard him mentioning ANYTHING about killing a president. This teacher was conveying a sentiment that went well beyond teaching Geometry. I sincerely wouldn’t be surprised if this dude was a member of the…never mind.

    What makes our country stand apart from so many is how we ostensibly deal with people we put in power. We use the power of the vote to remove a person from office, not by bullet or by coup d’état. For the most part, we haven’t followed the lead of other nations who would just as soon see a person dead than see them serve out a full term. Even when I’ve watched these so-called United States become more and more divided, at least I could boost that we’re still pretty civil. Now, I’m not so sure.

  3. hey Dre,
    This is symptomatic of our current politics, society and media. Every since Reagan was in office (as far back as I can remember) it’s gotten worse and worse. I thought it had reached it’s zenith with G.W. and all the “Hail to the thief”, “He’s not MY president”, etc., rhetoric. Now it’s the wackos on the right that feel they have the right to say anything. This is the problem with no civility. People expect to be able to say anything they want, but get offended when someone else does the same thing. Everyone wants two separate sets of rules.

  4. Civility? Anon had no qualms in sizing you up and suggesting that had Bush been the target, you’d be celebrating.

    Civility? Anon anonymously laid at your feet a charge that your post never supported.

    Civility? Anon allowed his political bent to lead, striking out at you because of your political leaning, or his perception of it. Note, he used his post to attack you, and not the professor who used his office/position to contemplate the assassination of the president. Now, I wonder why?

    It appears that one’s devotion to the infallibility of their political position overrides commonsense, decency–and, yes, civility.

  5. “That’s odd. I seem to remember being pretty good at math without needing a visual of a dead United States president.”

    Right! As boring as Geometry was for me growing up, outlining angles to kill a President would not have been the best way to liven up the discussion. But when the President is a Muslim, Communist, and Socialist, I guess it’s all OK.

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