6 comments on “Just a Friend? Riiiight!

  1. WOW! Where do I start? Congratulations on your relationship! I know we don’t know each other outside of this blog, but I’ve followed you for a while. I’ve shared in some of your heartbreaks and the tough situations you faced, so I’m glad to hear you’ve come out of it. I hope things work out for you two. You deserve this happiness. Plus, apparently it BETTER work or she’s done with you forever. LOL!

  2. “…in twenty years or so, don’t be surprised to see a platonic couple on display. Most likely though, they’ll be in a gallery at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.”

    Right! They’ll be right next to Nessy, Bigfoot, and E.T. They’ll probably draw a bigger crowd also.

    Congrats on the relationship. I’m happy for you too, bro!

  3. Hi Andre! Glad you are in a new relationship. My best wishes to you both. I do hope you will be blessed with a growing relationship. But say can you ask her if it is okay for you to hang with your blogging friends too?

    Call be stubborn but i still believe in Platonic Relationships. Many of my best friends are girls and my wife does not have a problem with me meeting up with them but the key thing is that I don’t spend a lot of time with them.

    Let me paint the scenario which can be a platonic relationship incubator. I have girl friends who are very close to me. We even share many views and opinions about life. But we also have decided on different life paths. For example, one of them has become a missionary and I have no such plans. we remain very supportive of each other but separated both by distance and purpose in life, we know we cannot go beyond to a common future.

    That being the case, my wife does not begrudge me the couple a days that we get to meet up every 5 years or so.

  4. Congrats Andre.

    Money woes have prevented me from doing the same. Can’t even look. I’m still chasing the right job and the whole American Dream bull—-.

    But good luck to you.

    I thought you may have been kidnapped… since you fell off the grid for so long. But it looks like Cupid had you. Ha….

  5. Congratulations on your new relationship!

    This entry was pretty funny and pretty true. I didn’t want to believe it but,

    I’ve thought of my relationship with my best guy friend as 100% platonic at least for the last few years. Although it started out as a “romantic interest” but we are best buddies now… granted we also live on two different coasts…

    and then thought, gee, I guess I just proved your point.

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