7 comments on “Flint: Through the Fire

  1. *slow clap*
    *stands up*
    *gradually builds to a strong applause*

    Dude, you said it perfectly: “we want stuff but we don’t wanna pay for it.”

    Sidenote: Do you think that the laid-off fire fighters are the ones doing the arsons? I mean, they’d be the experts…im just sayin’

    Ok I’m being silly 🙂

  2. Wow. I had no idea things were so bad in Flint. My prayers are with your city.

    • And yet, raising taxes is not even being considered as an option. Cutting salaries in City Hall is a thought that doesn’t appear to have ever crossed this administration’s mind either.

      I’m at a complete loss.

      Welcome to my joint, Wade. Kick off your shoes. We’re all family here.

  3. I dunno that raising taxes in one of the most economically devastated areas of the country is entirely feasible when Flint is already bleeding residents. The decline in Police/Fire services dates looooooong before Walling (somewhere in one of your long ago posts I cited a source stating that Flint was down to ~200 police, including administration, & that was win the population was closer to 100k than it is now). This comes down to economics 101; there’s no income because everybody is leaving and everybody is leaving because there’s no business. As far as a recall goes, I think unless a politician is pulling some Kwame-type BS, then you’ve got to give it time…extra especially so when we’re referring to Flint-town in the current recession.


  4. Wow. “Win” = “When”. It’s early still. Move along…nothing to see here.

  5. Sometimes raising taxes for a good cause can such a discord that the entire subject is dropped. My issue on this is basically this, where will the money really go? As a 29 year veteran firefighter myself (not in Flint) I have not yet seen a tax hike that was specifically for saving public safety jobs actually save jobs. Like nic, I would be hesitant to raise taxes now on the people of any city in the same situation as Flint, too many folks just cannot afford more taxes. There are no short term solutions to saving public safety jobs when the mindset of those at the top is already set in stone.

    Some say the unions should have made concessions, those concessions being reduced pay and benefits. Flint firefighters and police officers already make 17% less than the national average wage, more cuts would only drive these people away to the same jobs in other cities and states where they could make a better wage.

    nic is also right about the cuts in public safety having occurred before. When Flint was under the state takeover in 2002 public safety personnel were cut then too, and the cuts have been coming ever since.

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