10 comments on “A Big Winner…?

  1. Stern is an idiot but he’s right on the money in this case.

    This girl won the role in Precious based mostly on the fact that she was the only half way decent actress who fit the physical role. She was fat enough to do it. She’s not a good actress. If she was averaged size we wouldn’t know her name today. And while yes, she’s hot right now and getting roles, those will dry up soon enough and the only thing we’ll see her on is Celebrity Fit Club. There are others out there who aren’t skinny and pretty such as Kathy Bates who will always have a career because she’s talented. Sidibe is not. She’s a one hit wonder and she only got that one wonder because she’s fat.

  2. This young woman is beyond OBESE. It’s not an attractive thing to look at. I am a 260lb woman, I too look and feel out of place. It is INAPPROPRIATE to be so huge – and though many will deny it – fat/obesity is not pretty to look at. I have to agree with Stern/Robin on ONE part of their attack – I do think people like Oprah and those that ran to her defense, are EXAGERATING her potential in THIS Hollywood. She isn’t an attractive, slightly obese black woman (Latifah), and there will be roles that are specific to an OBESE, BLACK, UNATTRACTIVE woman. As an obese woman, I don’t think my pride would allow me to be showcased like that. I am ashamed of my weight gain, I look in the mirror and can objectively see that I WAS attractive 100 lbs ago, not so much now. People shouldn’t encourage her – she might be “cool” and trendy but she, like I, need to lose the weight, period. She’s got her whole LEG in the door, she should invest in herself!

  3. Oh hell…who really cares what Howard Stern says anyway????…..I hope Gabbie isn’t listening to his foolishness. Yes her roles will be less, but she will be a character actor just like the many others in Hollywood who get a part when a part for them comes along. I think she will be fine with that. And as for her health, yes being overweight is ultimately not good for you but lets not assume she’s not healthy. I have a friend who is 105 and 5 feet tall, perfect for her size and has high blood pressure, always in a doctors office because she eats like a bird because she is obsesses with not getting fat. She has all kinds of vitamin deficientcies. I on the other hand am about 60lbs overwieght and have no high blood pressure and no real medical issues, I exercise and eat healthy. I come from big folk…so overweight does not alway mean unhealthy. I wish Gabbie all the luck and success, she’s a great talent! And Howard Stern can go JUMP!!!!!

    • Miss KD, there is a big difference between being overweight and being obese. I think this girl is amazingly talented, but its not healthy for someone to be that big. “Her spirit will be crushed”… give me a break. This guy isn’t saying she needs to be a size 2, but she really needs to lose some weight. She’s a heart attack waitting to happen. She has got to weigh well over 300 lbs… it has nothing to do with aesthitics, its a message she is sending to other young black females (a demographic that seems to struggle with weight in particular) that its ok to be obese. It’s not. Its a lifetime of future health problems that make the rest of us have higher health care premiums.

  4. Howard Stern may be a complete jerk but he’s also VERY right. The academy is this girl to show the world how progressive they can be…show me one academy member who looks like her. And she does represent America’s obesity problem. And she’ll be lucky to be cast in two more movies. And she may be dead shortly absent weight loss intervention. And next year’s ‘freak’ of the moment is right around the corner to be used by every group that can gain from it.

    People are so careful to be P.C. that they’re forgetting about the Elephant in the room. The big ASS elephant.

  5. I think our society today (but I guess it is true of almost all societies throughout history) creates its own self image which tends to ignore reality when it is uncomfortable.

    So let’s be honest. Obesity is bad. It does affect someone physically, mentally and emotionally. It is associated with diabetes and heart attacks. It can be caused by low self esteem or just poor discipline and the wide availability of junk food. Let’s be honest and not hide behind P.C. slogans like “Big is Beautiful”.

    But being honest is also realising that a significantly large proportion of our society is obese and not pretending that everyone looks like fashion models.

    Does Hollywood really have jobs and roles for someone like Gabby? It is hard to imagine that there sre much roles out there for her. However, the problem isn’t with Gabby but with Hollywood and finally with us for allowing Hollywood to sell us a fantasy world of hunks and hunkettes. Gabby is part of the real world of people of different shapes, sizes, colours and creeds. Good stories and good movies which reflect the real world accurately, should not have a problem finding roles for Gabby.

    I note a difference between British TV and American TV (although arguably, the difference is narrowing). In British TV, there are many series that portray the life of the common working man and his household, showing and highlighting all the warts as well as the good stuff. American TV on the other hand prefers to focus on series about the rich, famous and beautiful.

    I am not sure how things could be done better except to hope that film makers work harder to document society realistically with the entire spectrum of people represented instead of only selling us “the body perfect” and the “money-ied” versions.

  6. Let’s be truly real now. It really doesn’t matter what her size is, her acting roles would be limited anyway. It’s Hollywood people. They want a certain look at a certain time. They will dictate to you what the standard of beauty (or norm)is for the African American community.

    Quite frankly (in Hollywood mind thingk), I think even if this young lady were to shed a couple of hundred pounds her role choice would still be hampered by her dark skin tone.

    What I think really throws people off about this young lady is that she appears happy. From what I can read this drives people crazy. She should be a depressed and pathetic individual because of her weight or those other non-Hollywood traits she carrys. She apparently is not. Good for her.

    She is an adult and whenever she decides to make those changes that will make her happy (or happier), then she will. All the coments about her weight and such are just really silly because she is the only one who knows who she is.

    Everyone else just try to make yourself better.

  7. Excuse me, Howard. You aren’t exactly GQ magazine yourself!!!

    The man is ugly. He is repulsive. He is untalented and unfunny. So he decides to kick other people. Typical behavior of people suffering from self-esteem issues.

    Gabourey has talent unlike Howard. Gabourey is so comfortable with herself when obviously Howard is not because he wouldn’t be trying to bring people who have done no harm to him down to make himself feel better. Why is he so bothered by Gab’s success? Good thing he’s not a talent scout or he would be worse at that what he does now. Howard & Whats her face = desperate call for attention.

  8. It truly amazes me that people are so cruel to hate someone so much all because of their outward appearance. I feel sorry for some of the people who have commented on this video and for people like Howard Stern and Robin Quivers. It goes to show that they all have hate in their hearts and care more about looks then they do someone’s heart and their personality. Gabby is a sweet, intelligent young woman and do not deserve to be talked about so badly.

  9. Hollywood’s message to black women is simple: Unless you whore yourself up or take on the role of a grotesque monster, the Academy will stay pretty close to its white buddies. Positive black women, take a hike.

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