6 comments on “Jungle Fever: Why and Why Not

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  2. Andre, I can’t speak to the cultural nuances, but the paranoia about possible feedback? C’mon man, grow a sack! As a mostly white guy I went out of my way to hit on women of different ethnic backgrounds, just for the potential thrill of success. If something had clicked, I’d have gone for it and if anyone had a problem with my date, fvuck ’em all! Love is love and life is too short. I ended up marrying a French Canadian gal (really cute English) with 2 kids from her first goofball, and we’ve been together 17 years now. But I still remember fondly the one date with a sweet sister in SOHO. Wow, could she kiss? Memorably! So toss off the inhibitions and go and find someone to share life with, color be damned. Oh, and one of my step kids got married in January to a nice fellow from Senegal. What can I say, I raised her right.

  3. I’m with Bennett, dude. You need to step it up and be a man! If you’ve found the one for you and she just so happens to have a different skin color, so be it. The hell with what other people think. Besides, since when have you been the type to care what other people think and say about you?

  4. Whoa! I just hope you don’t plan on submitting this piece to Essence. The black women there would devour you alive. LOL!

  5. Dre, while I appreciate your humorous and satirical take on black men and interracial dating, I think you’ve got it wrong about black women and “settling” for black men. In 2000, there were about 90,000 black women dating white men. That number jumped to 121,000 by 2008. As black women climb higher in their professional careers, they start getting more access to a broader social circle. That circle includes white men.

  6. You already know my views on this… So of course I have to disagree with your last 3 points. 1 and 3 are false assumptions. In fact, your #1 reason for not dating interracially (commonalities/cultural identification) is actually a reason why I don’t date Black women. So the opposite is true for some on that point. I have more in common with women of other races…identify better with other cultures…and am open to other experiences. My disdain for modern Black culture is no secret. And as far as #3 is concerned… I don’t really give a damn what anyone else thinks. I might be annoyed by the negativity…. but I wouldn’t allow that to stop me from pursuing the life that I want.

    I just hope you eventually come around…and drop your unwavering “devotion” to Black women only.

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