4 comments on “Et tu, Scott?

  1. But why did Scott vote that way? If it is because he voted on the merit of the Bill instead of blindly following the party line, then it is good news and augurs well for the USA.

  2. Scott is a liberal-ended conservative who went on record during his campaign stating that he votes as an independent. Additionally, as a rookie Senator he’s not yet in anybody’s pocket to the extent of anything comparable to that of his peers. Hold this vote 4 years from now & he would likely vote the other way as he’d have…”obligations”. Two of the other GOP members that voted w/ him are retiring (from the economically hit mid-west no less), & thus aren’t being held to said “obligations”, & the other two are Senators from Maine (I assume I don’t have to explain Susan Collins here on *this* blog, right?). The media is doing a good job of painting this as a huge surprise, but this is sadly nothing but politics. as. usual.


  3. I was checking out a screen shot of his Facebook page. Seems conservatives and Tea Baggers were not all that pleased with our new senator. In fact, that went slap off. Just to think, not too long ago his name was on all their lips. He was even being mentioned (I think very prematurely) as a viable candidate for president. Now he’s in the GOP dog house.

    And later, other prominent Republicans joined Brown in voting for the bill. I wonder what the fall out for them will be. Could this be an opening for other Republicans to get off the “NO” bus?

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