14 comments on “The Uniformed Electorate

  1. A mandatory test has virtually no chance @ passing (for the time being), & bringing 1/2 the population, much less all of it, up to “par” on political knowledge is also just as unrealistic (just look @ every After-School Special and/or Public Service Announcement). I’d propose amending the ballots to something similar to the synopsis provided when describing certain Propositions (Gay Marriage, Medical Marijuana, Etc.). Instead of that R or D next to the candidates name, give a brief set of bullets, highlights if you will, of that particular candidate’s positions (agreed upon by representatives of all parties involved, of course).

    Andre Louis is for….Andre Louis is against…

    Therefore, even if the voter has never heard of either candidate, he/she would then be able to make a somewhat informed decision on-the-spot, minus all of the BS. Simple enough, right?

    P.S. My score was a disappointing 78.79 %


    • Nice going Nic. I whacked out a 72.73% which isn’t bad for someone out of school for 30 years (lame excuse for missing the Puritans question)…

    • Nic, I like the ballot amendments you’re espousing. But I’m not so sure that completely gets to the heart of the issue. People still vote based on their fear, emotions, and ignorance of issues. And your proposal certainly doesn’t account for the manipulation that could easily come from pundits, lobbyists, etc. It’s more than just bulleting points on a ballot. I think voters need to be educated on what certain policies and initiatives mean, not just knowing which candidates support said policies and initiatives.

      @ Nic and Bennett: Congrats, bruhs. Your scores aren’t as impressive as my 81.8%, true. But don’t be too hard on yourselves. You didn’t know what you were up against.

      Oh, I kid. I kid.

  2. Clearly Tommy Boy never took into account all the ignorant rednecks from the Tea Party who would also fail this test. Since rednecks probably make up over half of the Republicans in this country, the GOP would NEVER win another election. Bring on the literacy test!

  3. The world has taken a turn for the surreal. I thought the Tea Party was supposed to be committed to protecting the Constitution. Where in the Constitution does it say one has to be literate and speak English to have the right to vote?

  4. The only requirement for being able to vote in this country is and should remain being a legal citizen. Whether people speak English, have the nominal level of literacy needed to read “Going Rogue”, where that person ranks socially should have NO significance. Since we all have a stake in what our legislators decide, we should all have a stake in electing them.

    Most of the requirements put forth by people eager to REDUCE the number of citizens eligible to vote have already been tried and rejected as forms of discrimination against the poor, those who do not own property, recent citizens and people of color. The goal of people like Tancredo is not to enhance our representative democracy, but to undermine it.

  5. From where I stand, I see two major issues:

    One, this may be a first on this blog, but I completely agree with you on this one Andre. Regardless of his intentions, Tom Tancredo comes across as a complete bigot and a pig. This idiot goes against what moderate Republicans stand for. Basically, he’s crying some crap about America being invaded by non-whites who can’t spell “vote”. But he forgot about the banjo-playing, toothless rednecks in West Virginia at home watching Jerry Springer.

    Secondly, this so called Tea Party “movement” is a joke of an organization with the same kind of identity issues at the GOP. You have some intelligent people interested in conservativism, limited government, and commitment to core Constitutional values. But then you have a slew of imbeciles folded into the mix who can hardly spell “vote.” The only thing tenuously holding the camps together is a shared disliking of liberals.

    • *Blink, blink*

      Did I read that correctly? Did you ACTUALLY agree with something I said? The saints preserve us!

  6. There is no denying it: Tancredo is a paranoid loon. His paranoic world view is not one that many people can relate to. On top of that, he happily stomped around and displayed zero political acumen or common sense.

    I could go along with literacy tests for voting. I want to send a clear strong message to illegal immigrants that they are not welcome, and that we are not a bilingual nation. But Tancredo is not the guy to sell that, or much of anything else.

    • Mayes :I could go along with literacy tests for voting. I want to send a clear strong message to illegal immigrants that they are not welcome, and that we are not a bilingual nation. But Tancredo is not the guy to sell that, or much of anything else.

      The pot calling the kettle black.

  7. 84.85% was my score, but really some of those questions were unfair!

    It’s an interesting spin on Tancredo’s words. I do however expect him as a politician to know about U.S. history and so can’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Your suggestions are cool, too bad that would never happen. I wish there was a way to get people interested in in making informed decisions? surely something can be done without the drastic measures you suggested. sigh.

  8. Can you believe this story from Denver? This poor woman, just can’t believe that this actually happens in this day and age, what a shame.

    I just saw this story and had to share it with all of you.


    (CNN) — Three police cars pulled into Christina FourHorn’s front yard one afternoon while working from home just before she was supposed to pick up her daughter at school. The officers had a warrant for her arrest.

    “What do you mean robbery?” FourHorn remembers asking the officers. Her only brushes with the law had been a few speeding tickets.

    She was locked up in a Colorado jail. They took her clothes and other belongings and handed her an oversize black-and-white striped uniform. She protested for five days, telling jailers the arrest was a mistake. Finally, her husband borrowed enough money to bail her out.

    “They wouldn’t tell me the details,” she said.

    Later, it became clear that FourHorn was right, that Denver police had arrested the wrong woman. Police were searching for Christin Fourhorn, who lived in Oklahoma.

    Their names were similar, and Christina FourHorn, a mother with no criminal record living in Sterling, Colorado, had been caught in the mix-up.

    I just thought it was important to share.

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