I was going to have some fun with Sarah Palin’s speech at the Tea Party National Convention, her shots at Obama for using a teleprompter (forgetting about how a certain Republican hero – whose name rhymes with Fraygen – also  frequently used teleprompters), and her getting caught less than two hours later hypocritically reading notes from her hand. But I’ve already been beaten to the punch. It’s already been discussed ad nauseum. So no need to go there tonight.

Instead, I’d like to ask a simple question about Palin using race and politics (my interests) as a backdrop: looking at Sarah Palin’s long wrap sheet of blunders and political mishaps, do you think she would’ve been able to get as far as she has if she was black? Imagine a black, female candidate who was the complete antithesis of  intellectualism, had a child with a baby born out of wedlock (which included issues with the ‘baby daddy’), had to go to four different schools before finally getting a degree, used her middle class upbringing as an excuse to be culturally and geopolitically ignorant, and could not form a coherent statement without relying on her folksy ghetto dialect. Would she have been given the same kind of validation as Palin, or would she have been summarily dismissed by the party and by voters?

Just a thought.