22 comments on “Palin: If Sarah Was a Sista

  1. her getting caught less than two hours later hypocritically reading notes from her hand…

    Seriously? Hypocritical? It’s perfectly fine if you don’t like Palin. Plenty of people don’t. But, if you are going to try and convince me that reading your speech of teleprompters is the same as having a few words scribbled on your hands, I’m not buying it.

    I don’t think it’s wrong for Obama to use teleprompters, but Palin has given plenty of speeches without them. I haven’t seen Obama do that.

    • Right! My bad. Reading a teleprompter for a 1000 word speech vs. needing notes to remember three simple talking points. The contrasts are glaring.

    • How soon they forget. A certain president recently handed the GOP their ass AT their own party…and withOUT a telepromter. Meanwhile Palin can’t remember three phrases in front of a friendly crowd. Wow. Mediocrity is a commonly accepted thing these days.

    • Z, unless you are a secret operative in the Palin camp, there is no reason in the world somebody should be so clueless. There’s a BIG difference between a president using a teleprompter as a guide through a complicated speech and this bimbo using notes on her hand to remind her of talking points she’s been repeating for over a year. If you can’t see the difference, you are – as the great Stephen Colbert would put it – a f***ing retard.

      • So, what do you call a president who uses teleprompters to speak to a sixth grade class and answer a few questions from the press?

      • I call him a person trying to make a great impression on future children. Then again, I guess Palin’s cheat sheet on the hand was more on a sixth graders level.

      • Miss KD, don’t waste your time. Palin trolls are about as dumb as she is. Just ignore them. If you keep feeding them, they’ll come back.

      • Mike,

        I’m about as anti-Palin as they come. But those kind of attacks are not necessary and they certain don’t add anything substantial to the conversation.

        I’ve made it clear that I’m vehemently against censorship or banning people’s comments. But at the same time, let’s keep things clean and civil. Disagree if you want, but the attacks are uncalled for.

      • And I wonder what you called George Bush when he spoke to school children? Was he a person trying to make a great impression on children as well?

        BTW, I’m no Palin troll. She’s not my potential presidential candidate in 2012.

        Mike. Don’t like my opinions? So you call me dumb. Perfect. I’m crushed. You sure showed me.

    • No argument there LGS. She lost me the minute she stopped being eye candy and started talking.

  2. Hey Dre,
    Nice pic of Sarah as a black woman, Ya know, she’s wears it well. The answer to all your questions; no,no,no,no,and nope. Especially if she were still a Republican. Then besides being deemed ignorant, a hypocrite, and the devil in skirt by our media, she would also be an Uncle Tom (Tammy?), a sell out, a Porch N****r (Oops, I’m sorry, Juan Williams is already wearing that title.) and anything else the left can dream up. The BIG question is, “How would she would be seen if she were a Dem?” My guess? She would be brilliant, her acheivement of coming from no where and rising all the way to top would be paraded, and she would probably be, I don’t know, Secretary of State maybe?

    • HipCon,

      You’ll notice that I deliberately did not specify the Republican party. ‘Cuz quite frankly, I don’t think a black Sarah Palin would get any love from either party. A Republican “Sarah Sista” might find a supporting cast from Conservative talking heads, but it’s not likely. The libs would ignore her like she’s another Al Sharpton. My point is a simple one: mediocrity in black politics is simply not as notably embraced.

  3. A certain president recently handed the GOP their ass AT their own party…and withOUT a telepromter….

    Oh, really?? Maybe Gibbs should have had this written on his hand. Why does my boss have the lowest approval rating since being in office.

    • Z, an explanation on how Obama’s approval rating is relevant to this discussion will be given in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  4. That picture just set black America back 50 or so years. That shit is gonna give me nightmares for weeks.


  5. Wow. Writing crib notes on your hand. Apparently, it’s too elitist to – I don’t know – memorize things.

    And they paid her $100,000 for this?! I thought athletes were overpaid.

    • 100k is 100k, but if Palin was truly sincere & genuine in her support for this “movement”, wouldn’t she have done it for free?

      • Hey Nic,
        Great point. It’s also very disturbing the way the Republican Party is trying to co-op the Tea Party movement.

  6. Andre, to answer your question: there is NO WAY a black version of Sarah Palin would get as far as she has. Growing up as a kid, my parents always taught me that I had to work smarter and harder than everyone else just because of my skin color and my gender. I didn’t see it then. But now I see it everyday.

    “…the complete antithesis of intellectualism, had a child with a baby born out of wedlock (which included issues with the ‘baby daddy’), had to go to four different schools before finally getting a degree, used her middle class upbringing as an excuse to be culturally and geopolitically ignorant, and could not form a coherent statement without relying on her folksy ghetto dialect.”

    None of the above describes our president. And look how hard it is for people to accept him.

  7. Sarah Palin was unknown, outside of Alaska that is, prior to the election of 2008. Considered by some to be a breath of fresh air, easy on the eye, and capable of delivering cutesy phrases that stick to her like glue, the woman is positioning herself to try to become the next President of the United States.

    We know that at least 600 people are willing to pay a substantial sum of money to attend one of her speeches — speeches that can be depended upon to always stretch the truth like a plug of salt water taffy. She appeals to those with lower levels of intelligence, and speaks to them accordingly. She tells them what they want to hear.

    Unfortunately, it’s not just those of meager means who find her a viable candidate for political office. Her amazingly slim resume is often cast aside by some who would normally exclude such a person, because the woman appeals to them for other reasons.

    We’ve had Presidents in this nation who were virtual morons, but who knew how to use their personalities to overcome all obstacles in life. That’s great and I absolutely have no problem with that, but the thought of this woman representing this nation as President, whom I consider to be extremely ignorant and woefully uneducated, literally scares the hell out of me.

    She has a great smile. She can deliver caustic phrases as well as anyone alive. She’s quite capable of keeping an audience awake during a political speech. But the woman has a history of failing to fulfill her obligations and promises to people who elect her to office. Her attitude toward ethics leave a little to be desired. She is impulsive, unpredictable and hardly diplomatic. The woman simply is not ready to represent this nation as it’s highest leader.

    What she does represent however, is the notion that anyone in this nation who works hard enough, can be considered for the office as President of the United States.

    Amazingly, many of the same people who have dogged President Obama for his lack of a long and established political resume, will readily join others in endorsing more disturbing accusations that have been evidenced, are quite ready to cast her thin resume aside and seem ready to give her a shot at the job.

    But then, who else do the Republicans have to nominate at this point and time?

    Pinning their hopes on this woman, who will be utterly destroyed the more serious her challenge becomes, will be more than entertaining to watch.

    And no one will be able to say that she didn’t ask for it.

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