8 comments on “40’s and Wings

    • Of course, NBC didn’t get TOO black. After all, the beverage on the menu wasn’t a 40 oz bottle of Malt Liquor. *Hanging my head in shame*

  1. Andre, to be fair, plenty of white people are involved in foolish spectacles like this. I used to visit my grandparents’ farm a long time ago (this was in the deep south). They used to have – and still do – cow dung tosses, pig wrestling, and a bunch of other embarrassing contests. This isn’t a racial or cultural thing. This is a crazy people thing.

  2. Yes, I think that Saved Sinner has called it. Just general human foolishness. If you look you see it in all cultures and times. I love to eat, but eating contests make me a little ill just thinking about them. But chicken and beer is one of my favorite meals.

    • @ Lady Cracker: I’ll co-sign on the hideousness of eating contests. But chicken and beer together on the same menu is just deplorable. Sorry.

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