8 comments on “My Thoughts on the SOTU

  1. I love how he laid the smack down on the Supreme Court. Just in case you haven’t been following the Supremes lately, they ruled last week that the government may not ban political spending by corporations during elections; essentially indicating that doing so violates free speech. Since the decision, progressives have – and for just cause – been extremely upset….

    I suppose you have no problems with all of the George Soros foreign money getting pumped into the election process to support progressives or the free access SEIU and the other unions have to the Oval Office. Obama is such a freaking hypocrite and his disrespect for the constitution and the Supreme Court that upholds it is incredible. Guess what Obama. The People see it. You are one and done. Enjoy your final three years and then please go away. Then you can lecture us on how we just didn’t appreciate your greatness.

  2. Pretty spot-on analysis, however I walked away from the speech a bit differently, w/ the confirmation that the gap between democrats & republicans is both a lie, & an illusion. The reality is that Obama could have taken the podium to read nursery rhymes & it’d have been just as relevant & meaningful. I think I am finally coming to terms w/ the fact that the concept of “America” that we’re taught from day one no longer exists, if it ever did in the first place. And I find that, coupled w/ the fact that even the strongest & most intelligent amongst us are powerless in creating REAL change, incredibly heartbreaking. I give up. Please, please, please let me back into the matrix.


  3. Hey Dre,
    That was a very good assessment by someone who admits he “may have a man crush on” Obama. Somewhat bias, but you did take a few pokes. I saw it a little different though.

    “As expected, Obama’s speech placed a high premium on job creation.”

    I saw this as nothing but empty rhetoric. Not because President Obama doesn’t WANT to create jobs, but rather because he doesn’t seem to understand HOW to create jobs. Subsidizing everything under the sun is not the way. As soon as the subsidies dry up, so will the jobs. It’s like lowering the cost of beer (at $10) by taking $5 of my taxes, keeping $2, then using the remaining $3 to bring the cost down to $7 and telling me “Look at all the money I’m saving you on beer, it’s now only $7” These are false, short-term government subsidized jobs he’s proposing. How about a large middle class tax cut instead so I can buy things that create jobs without his help?

    “I love how he laid the smack down on the Supreme Court”

    Highly inappropriate. It’s the State of the Union, not his assessment of the Supreme Court. If you go to my site I’ve linked to all the corporate money that Obama got in the last election. The fact is; this just opened the door for MORE money from corporations and more of that will go to Republicans than to Democrats. That’s his real beef. If it opened the door to more money from only HIS corporate sponsors you wouldn’t have heard a peep. BTW, that S.C. case had more to do with Hillary- The Movie, and censorship than anything else.

    “Speaking of dishonesty, I took issue with the President’s outright lies about taking lobbyists out of the policymaking game.”

    On that one I completely agree.

    “Closed door deals are fine…as long as the people making the deals aren’t secretly trying to exploit us.”

    Oh….. My….. God……Who is “us”? And how would you even know? National Security-maybe. Health Care, Energy, or damn near anything else-Hell no!

    “I do not accept second place for the United States of America.”

    Nice to hear him say it. No problems.

    “we still have the largest majority in decades, and the people expect us to solve problems, not run for the hills.”

    Damn the minority’s views! Any time your in the majority you should run ramshod all over them. (Sarcasm added for flavor) From you of all people. Sigh. The biggest problem Barack has is that the minority group is representing the majority of the people. His programs are unpopular and the Dems seem to be saying, “We’re running this country now and damn the polls.” I really hoped he’d concede a little more instead of chastizing those who won’t join him.

    “Bob McDonnell’s response was lame.”

    The one thing the Democrats can count on is that President Obama will always sound far better after we’re forced to listen to some boring ass Republican.

  4. Somebody must explain to me how Gov. McDonnell…a full 11 days old delivered the Republican response. It was better than Bobby Jindal, we know. But seriously?!

  5. Hands down, this was the most ass-kicking SOTU address in history. President Obama pulled punches at everybody. Democrats, Republicans, the SCOTUS, pundits, bankers, himself. I was almost waiting for him to call me out, too.

  6. Yeah, the prez was as cool as Santa Claus. But we already know he can deliver a good speech. I think he hit all the right notes, but the true gauge of his effectiveness will be in the follow-up. How will he follow up this speech? Will he take the necessary actions? Will he display the necessary courage and intestinal fortitude?

    I think his performance at the GOP retreat is an important step in the right direction though.

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