8 comments on “In-House Fighting

  1. I have to start where you started – the man has a huge fan base and is making millions. I have always disliked Tyler Perry and voice my dislike for him with each opportunity that presents itself. When I say “dislike”, I’m being kind. As for the shows on TV, I can’t say that is what the people want. I say that the network airs what it wants to air and we have no choice. Personally, I go to the movies to be entertained. If it has to do with Black American, then all the better. There needs to be more Black faces on the big screen – the same thing that we’ve been crying for for many years. I’d rather see something better than Madea, but it is what it is. I had a similar dislike for (the name eludes me at the moment and I don’t feel like looking it up) a Black male author who recently passed. He wrote primarily about relationships between black men and women and with his 1st novel (which I started reading but refused to finish)I found that he put down brothers worse than the sisters put them down. On the other hand, he was published and making millions. Likewise, I despise Tyler Perry, but . . . .Peace.

  2. I actually feel Spike Lee on the levels to which Perry has scooped just to generate a fan base. Trying to call that healthy discussion is a joke. The deep conversations that he claims to want to promote get easily lost when you have a dude dressed in drag acting and black actors shucking and jiving. Spike’s not perfect in the least bit, but how much must a person sell their soul for just to make a buck?

  3. Darius :Spike’s not perfect in the least bit….

    Gee, ya think? Spike Lee insulting ANYBODY on artistry is like the pot calling the kettle black. His points are valid. But this is coming from a brotha with a history of casting light or lighter skinned women in leading roles while disregarding darker skinned women. How’s THAT for being racially regressive. This is a cursory example, I know. But there are all sorts of racial and social issues stemming from skin color and how certain kinds of looks are more accepting. If Spike is going to bash Tyler for “coonery buffoonery”, he needs to check himself for skin preference.

    • Cynthia,

      Spike may have deeply rooted issues with skin color, but TP’s work is far more destuctive. As a black man sick of being represented by mess parading as entertainment, I cosign on every single thing Spike has said. Spike is one of the few personalities in Hollywood who tries to offer up dimensional characters that convey the idea of being black in America, while TP puts together crap and tries to call it art. If its not his shucking and jiving cinema, it’s the “deep” movies with flat, uninteresting, and stereotypical figures.

      Spike is also right on another thing: we speak with our money. Despite the absurdity of TP’s work, people will flock by the busloads to see his mess. It starts with us taking a close look at ourselves and determining our worth. But as long as Perry’s minstrel shows keep selling out, we have our proof that we don’t see our own worth. Granted, not all of Lee’s movies are good, some are awful. But EVERYTHING Perry has done to date has been crap. EVERYTHING.

  4. Cyn, I understand your frustration with the conflict of light skin vis a vis dark skin…an issue that Spike addressed himself in “School Daze.” But I’m not so sure that assessment is completely accurate. Spike’s used noticibly dark actresses like Alfre Woodward, Tracy Camilla Johns, Theresa Randle, Jada Pinkett-Smith (OK, she’s not dark…but she’s certainly not light skinned), and Kerry Washington. They wouldn’t necessarily pass the brown paper bag test.

  5. I’ve actually watched many of Tyler Perry’s movies. Some were horrendous, some were good. I think it boils down to the obvious: people who don’t like his work shouldn’t watch it. Like it or not, Perry has found his niche and he knows how to work his audience.

    I can’t entirely fault Spike Lee for speaking his mind. But I can’t fault Perry for speaking his mind either…through his work.

  6. Hey Dre,
    I’ve got two questions. 1) Is it somehow better to be Spike who glorifies gangsters? 2)Is it really so bad to laugh at one’s self?

    From my very white perspective, I would rather engage in a little self-deprecating humor than be part of dragging my culture south.

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