4 comments on “Homeland Insecurity w/Janet Nope-olitano

  1. Hey Dre,
    Happy New Year my friend! This was a great piece. I think it’s completely fair to demand accountability from the Obama Administration. When I heard Ms. Napolitano’s comment I damn near fell off my chair. When we consider ‘what might have been’, we should also consider the devastation on the ground when that plane crashed. We very well could have seen a large strip of Detroit destroyed and many more innocent deaths than just the passengers. That deserves a little more than a, “Whoops, our bad!” Janet Napolitano doesn’t get the seriousness of the problem-she has to go.

  2. H.C., Detroit already is destroyed & there’s nobody living there on the ground to be victimized.

    With that said, I agree wholeheartedly. I can’t even begin to count the # of times that liberals, myself included, called for the public-apologies/resignations/terminations/indictments/etc. of many of those within, or otherwise connected to the Bush administration.

    Holding elected officials & big-business accountable regardless of which side of the fence they happen to reside is something the political climate in this country is in dire need of. Now, if only we could convince many of those on both sides of the fence…


  3. I don’t have a problem admitting to being a liberal and supporting a liberal agenda (somehow, the right has turned the label into some kind of poisonous word). And I was also very anti-Bush. As such, I think it’s insane to compare what Napolitano said to what Bush and his cronies said. The MAJOR difference in these scenarios is that nobody died or was hurt in the attempted bombing, while hundreds of thousands of people were affected by FEMA neglect and thousands of soldiers are dead AFTER Bush stood by the Mission Accomplished banner. How many people were killed in the airline bombing attempt?! Not a single person.

    Comparing these stories is like comparing apples and oranges.

    • Greg,

      It wasn’t sound policy or an effective government that prevented hundreds of people from getting killed. It was a dolt of a terrorist. Had this idiot been a little smarter (OK, a lot smarter), we would have had a death toll in the hundreds right now. The government failed all across the board at the same time Napolitano was basking in how effective their systems are. This was a TEXTBOOK example of how bad appointments (we have Obama to blame for this), incompetent leadership (Napolitano), and horrible execution (The State Department, Homeland Security, TSA, etc.) can pave the way for increased vulnerability.

      As far as I’m concerned, they all need to step their game up. The next terrorist won’t be so stupid.

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