6 comments on “Bush Light? Not Quite.

  1. If you looked at Obama’s voting record in the senate as you should have before the elections, and in fact during the primaries, none of Obama’s decisions up to this point should be suprising to you.

    If you wanted a Democrat as a president, you had only one, maybe 2 choices. There was Mike Gravel, and there was maybe Dennis Kucinich. They rest are just kind of Marxist lite Neocons.

    If you wanted a Republican as a president, you only had one choice – Ron Paul. They rest were plain old fascists.

    Of course the media labeled them as nuts though, because they actually were against the war, and had records to prove it. Gravel read in the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record risking a treason charge.

    But American voters think it’s patriotic to vote even when they don’t have any idea who or what they are voting for when they vote. Don’t worry, in just 3 more years, we’ll get a new face, different promises, and more inventive lies and we’ll get to argue about other useless divisive issues like maybe abortion or health care or something else that won’t actually change but which people get all fired up about – despite the fact they’ve been issues since the Nixon presidency. You all remember that it was Nixon that first proposed national health care, right? Oh and Roe v. Wade was during Nixon’s presidency, right?

  2. If I’ve been following things correctly thus far, we have a President who built a campaign on ending an expensive, sloppy, and deadly war. But less than one year after officially taking office, he has to break the news that not only is he NOT stopping the war, but he’s escalating it.

    Not true. Obama never hinted that he was against war. He was just against the IRAQ war. He’s picking up where Bush SHOULD’VE have…by turning our efforts to Afghanistan and not trying to morph Saddam into Bin Laden.

  3. Head shakes go out to just about everybody here. The first headshake goes out to Obama for basically reciting every piece of war/fear mongering rhetoric that was once the sole property of the right. The second headshake goes to the Conservative idiots in this country. They’ve always made it their agenda to criticize Obama’s style over substance. But now, it’s vice versa. These losers don’t know WHAT to complain about. The final headshake goes out to liberals who haven’t been NEARLY as critical of Obama and his war mongering as they were with Bush. It seems like EVERYBODY has lost their damn minds.

  4. I can see Obama’s campaign slogan for the next election…”Obama: Damned if I, damned if I don’t.”

    • That’s for sure. Eugene Robinson put it best when he said: “If Obama ended world hunger, they’d accuse him of promoting obesity. If he solved global warming, they’d complain it was getting chilly. If he got Mahmoud Abbas and Binyamin Netanyahu to join him around the campfire in a chorus of ‘Kumbaya,’ the rejectionists would claim that his singing was out of tune.”

      Damn right! These nutjobs are hopeless.

  5. Hey Dre,
    Damn, you invoke Sarah Palin more than Christians invoke the devil. Sarah/Satan aside, I don’t think you should be suprised that Obama is a bit hawkish on Afghanistan. He did, after all, say that he was going to focus more on Afghanistan during his presidential run. (By the way, where are the news vids of demonstrators and daily counts of the dead?) As far as the Reps finding fault in whatever Barack does, I can only say, “Of course!”. Their job is to tear him down just like the Dems did Bush and then take back Congress. I would say they’re doing a damn good job. Have you seen Obama’s approval ratings lately? Just be glad they don’t have the MSM on their side to portray him as an complete idiot in music, film, comedy, and comics. I would give the same odds of Conservatives suddenly liking any of Obama’s policies to the MSM saying anything remotely complimentary about Sarah Palin-0%. To quote Yogi Berra, “This is like deja vu all over again.”

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