3 comments on “Motionless Thinking

  1. Nice post, Dre. Your point is well taken. The eyes really CAN tell us a story that may not be there. But what you didn’t seem to mention is HOW to go about finding the truth. It’s really just a simple matter of getting it straight from the horse’s mouth. If you trust these people, you should trust that they’ll give you an honest response. Without that, all you’re left with are more questions.

  2. I agree with Kenya. This was a great post with a pretty profound message. It’s very important not to jump off in the deep end each time you have that “feeling” of being slighted. For as much intellect and insight that God has blessed us with, one thing he did NOT make us is clairvoyant. Even if you may feel a certain way about how people respond to you, you can’t see or prove their intention. The last thing you want to do is poke and prod at a beast that’s not there. Still, some things ARE obvious. Open your eyes to what’s there, but don’t hunt for what’s not.

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