Take a good look at the picture above. If you’re seeing this image the same way I am, you might notice what appears to be a series of wheels moving. But I assure you: nothing is moving. This is merely an illusion. Your eyes are deceptively convincing you of a reality that simply isn’t there. I think life tends to work the exact same way sometimes. Sometimes things that seem so obvious to us may not be at all . Before jumping the gun, I think it’s important for us to at least consider that sometimes our eyes really ARE simply playing tricks on us.

How does all of this apply to anything, you ask? Well, lately I’ve been feeling a little snubbed an unappreciated. On that particular issue, I don’t think there is any misinterpretation at all from where I’m standing. I doubt very much that my feelings are some misplaced product of an overactive imagination. Not so obvious, however, is whether or not said discourteous actions are intentional on the part of the culprits. Perhaps more importantly, I’m not entirely certain the culprits even KNOW what they’re doing. I ain’t gone even lie: I often don’t help matters much, seeing as though I generally address the issues besetting me with silence and indifference (and, of course, the occasional blog post). So I suppose that by not raising awareness on the issues bothering me, I’m just as complicit as the people committing the act. But then again, I’ve always believed that certain positive relationships dictate at the very least a modicum of consideration; consideration that should NOT have to be forced. I guess part of me expects folks to automatically have a certain level kind of consideration instead of requiring me to bitch and moan before they get the hint. I mean, do I REALLY have to coach people on how to offer courtesy?

When situations like this surface, I must be honest: questions start popping up in my head. You might say that the picture full of motionless images suddenly tricks the eyes into believe things are moving when they’re not. The deception is evident.

If there is a point to be taken away from this ramble, I would advise that you take a very close look at certain situations and dig deeply for the truth. Undoubtedly, life will put you in a spot where you will be faced with difficult and hurtful moments. In situations like that, your eyes will tell you one thing, when there MAY be something entirely different in front of you. It’s important for you to differentiate between what’s in your head and what’s really out there. The consequences of acting too quickly and thoughtlessly could be calamitous.

Just a thought.

“Behold, You desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart.”

– Psalm 51: 6