20 comments on “[Black] Eye of the Tiger

  1. First, welcome back Dre. Glad to see you’re back to writing!

    Anyway, I may have my womanhood license revoked for saying this, but I generally don’t feel bad for celebrity wives. They marry these people knowing full well what they are getting in to. Their husbands have appeal. They are bound to attract people. Expecting them to be faithful is delusional at best. You put a person like him a room full of beautiful women throwing themselves at him…and you expect him to be faithful to you? Be the dumb broad all you want. But when he cheats on you, don’t be suprised.

  2. Dre, you clearly missed the most important lesson in cheating: If you cheat be prepared to lose everything you have. If she chooses to divorce him (assuming no prenup) his pocketbook is going to take a major hit. But above all that, he stands to lose what he has with his family. Is it all worth it for a meaningless piece of tail?

    Glad to see you back, dude. But you’re right: this WAS a silly discussion to offer as a part of your return.

  3. “Whether you know it or not, infidelity involving second hand exchanges can – and almost certainly will – leave a trail. DELETE THAT MESS! Do not put anything down on paper, email, text message, or (in this case) voicemail messages that you wouldn’t want shared with the rest of the universe. Somewhere, an alien 100 million light years away on the planet Zoltor was able to easily download Kwayme’s text messages. What the hell would make Tiger think his messages wouldn’t find their way to the YouTube universe? Double sheesh.”

    Boy, is that EVER true! Some people think text messages, love notes, and semen covered dresses are some kind of romantic keepsakes. But in a court of law, they’re called Exhibits A, B, and C.

  4. Boy, is that EVER true! Some people think text messages, love notes, and semen covered dresses are some kind of romantic keepsakes. But in a court of law, they’re called Exhibits A, B, and C.


  5. i don’t care how much planning one does, or how slick one thinks one is, the truth will always come out. best thing is not to cheat at all. stay single. play the field. don’t have girlfriends and wives, just friends, acquaintances, associates. he’d better be glad it wasn’t a “sistah” ’cause she would have cracked his head and not the car window with the golf club.

    hi Andre.

    • @ heiresschild: Amen, and Amen!

      Dre, I hope you’re not SERIOUS with this post. Are you seriously giving people advice on how to cheat? I know about some of the mess certain women have dragged you through in your life…and I don’t deny it was pretty messed up how they did you. But have you gotten so cynical that you willingly provide tips on how to cheat? What if you actually DO find a mate one day? Would you want HER reading this mess?

  6. I’m certainly not trying to make Tiger Woods a victim in his role of violating the sanctity of marriage, but I wonder why people aren’t making more of the fact that he was subjected to domestic violence. Is D.V. only recognized when the man attacks the woman? Hypocrisy, perhaps?

    • That’s an interesting point, Saved. Getting lost in the humor of this story (at least, I thought it was funny) is the fact that TW DID get a beat down. Is it expected that women can get away with beating up on men, but not vice versa? If Tiger Woods attacked her with a golf club once he found out about her cheating, he would’ve been sent to prison and banned from golf forever. For women who exercise said violence? Meh.

  7. Hey Dre,
    Good to see ya back in action my brother. The world without my favorite writer just wasn’t the same. Now, I have to say, this post amazes me. First, not one ounce of condemnation for a man who is most likely destroying his marriage, his career, his home and his kid’s sense of security? Only stating that he was a “little naughty”? Then giving advice on how to abuse (my feelin’) your wife and your home? Not to mention all the kids that look up to Tiger. Personally, I could care less about what Tiger does in his personal life. But, if I were forced to comment on him I would say this, “Way to destroy all the respect that I had for you, Tiger. Way to be a selfish bastard who only thinks about his own needs.” A playa? NO. The proper term is “asshole”. You might not get it, other people might not get it, but I’m sure his wife and kid will get it. I’m deeply disappointed Andre.

    • Man, you people sure are touchy. Then again, maybe my indifference is the exact reason I’m still single today.

      • Hey Heiress,
        I get accused of a lot of things-but pulling punches isn’t one of them. Hmmmm, Donkey Woods, still kinda catchy and animal referenced-I like it!

  8. lol… this post is so sad but true… I think that’s one of the saddest parts of this mess, not only does the man have more than two women on the side, but there is so much evidence to muck him up…

    I would say he’s obviously not a player… players don’t get caught like this. I hope he gets his act together and he can work things out with his wife.

    However, I’m anti-looking up to public figures because of what they do in their personal lives. Admire him because he’s a good golfer, but the family man bent?… I don’t know I think we should look a little closer to home for role models of character.

    • i think the number of women is up to 4 at this point. hopefully, there won’t be more coming out of the woodwork or wherever Tiger kept them hidden from the wife, and i really do hope he and the wife can work things out. at this point, i don’t know.

  9. thehc :Hey Heiress,Hmmmm, Donkey Woods, still kinda catchy and animal referenced-I like it!

    i was really trying to say “jackass” minus the “jack” part.

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