7 comments on “The Price of Homophobia

  1. Great post , Fabulous job on that video ! to bad that the world still cannot get over peoples differences and have to use them to slander/hurt/offend/ anyone ,just goes to show small minds go for the easiest insult !

    Hope your well and having fun , Oh ,and got your flu shots , dont want you to get that ol HAMTHRAX(H1N1) . And Hope family are all well and home again . take care Handsome xo

  2. I don’t like or defend athletes for being idiots, but I actually agree with you Andre. Miracles CAN happen, right? Your comment “Regardless to how you feel about the gay agenda in this country, I think this was a little excessive; especially considering all the other mess which happens in the world in and out of the sports” was spot on. There is more to this story, most likely the NFL trying to protect their collective butts by pandering to certain groups. This week, it’s gays. Last week, it was liberals by not allowing Rush to own a team.

    From what I’ve read, Johnson wasn’t threatening anybody’s life. He wasn’t physically assaulting them. All he’s guilty of is name-calling. Bad. But not as bad as dog-fighting, shooting people, doing drugs, rape, or the scores of other things professional athletes do.

    • Um, Josh, is it? You’re joking, right?

      One thing, LJ isn’t being convicted of a felony here. He publicly made offensive slurs about both his boss and a fan. I dare you to go to your boss and say something grossly inappropriate and outright offensive and see if you get to keep your job.

  3. No I’m not joking. We live in an age where political correctness is getting way out of hand. It’s FREE SPEECH people!

  4. Hey Dre,
    I agree with Josh on this one, although I have to agree with Dr. Who on his point about it being his boss. Larry Johnson is apparently an ass and if his crime is saying something stupid out loud to his boss, then he deserves what he gets. However, if this is just more of the left’s attempts to limit free speech, then I’m against it. This idea of a “butterfly effect” of criticizing someone leading to violence and oppression is just an excuse to limit debate so that one side can win uncontested. I don’t like what Johnson said either, but tolerance is tolerating things I DON’T agree with.

  5. This post is cool and all, but, did you HAVE to put my man J Smooth on the case?! Johnson may never show up on the field again. Peace.

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