6 comments on “A White Smokescreen

  1. Bad juxtapositioning here, Andre. Obama’s opponents hate him so much that nothing can satisfy their contempt. Even if by some miracle Obama’s proof of citizenship was enough to satisfying those foolish birthers, they’d find some other reason to hate him. The man could adopt every single one of Bush’s policies (like he already HAS with foreign policy) and still be the center of his opponent’s virtriol. The students at Hampton probably wouldn’t be as up in arms if the student who won the contest was a student at the college. In all likelihood, they don’t hate Churchill. They may have thought she had no place in the contest (which is an unfortunate thing to think as well), but I doubt they harbored hatred – TRUE hatred – for her like opponents do for Obama.

    • Hey Cynthia,
      I think your dead on that no amount of proof would satisfy the Birthers. But that’s true with all conspiracy theory types. I’ve argued with the 9/11 Truth C.T. until I’m blue in the face. All the evidence you give them, no matter how validated, is dismissed because “The Government got to them”. I would caution you though not to believe all of Obama’s opposition is based in race. Handing the reigns over to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has pissed off a lot of my white friends who voted for Barack because they thought he was a Clintonesque Moderate. Some of this really does have to do with policy.

  2. Cyn, I don’t think the juxtaposition detracts from my ultimate point. When a person considered an “outsider” successfully works their way into a system not historically inclusive of them, folks get angry. They come up with a thousand reasons to oppose that person. In some instances, that opposition is veiling some larger issue.

    That idea is not too unreasonable to fathom.

  3. Hey Dre,
    I don’t get the whole “Birthers” connection either. Didn’t a lot of people (including the Birthers) claim that this was hushed up during the election because McCain (born in Panama) was also not a true U.S. citizen? That sounds more constitutional or nationalistic than race related. The satellite issue is interesting since we both work in a satellite. I know that all your classes will transfer, you can buy reduced student tickets for sports, our logo is all over everything here, but I’m not sure where that line is drawn. I believe you have to be on main campus to join the football team or any other sports team. I guess my point is; if you qualify according to the rules set up before the voting, it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Not to rehash an old point, but I would LOVE to see a break-down of the votes by gender.

    • The Birther movement may have initally also included Sen. McCain (the only incident I’ve heard of involved that Donofrio guy). But I’m almost sure that if McCain won the election, his citizenship status would’ve been a non-issue. Some of the extreme lefties may have had a field day (the same folks who believe 9/11 was an inside job). But they would’ve quickly been dismissed as loons…only supported by wingnuts and certain SC Justices.

      But that’s all beside the point.

      My only point here is that for every person who makes certain issues about race, there is probably a much greater crowd with legitimate concerns. That number still allows the smaller group to harbor their racism…but disguising it as legitimate opposition. More should be done to try and uproot some of that hidden racism. I’m not exactly sure what. But what I do know is that those people are out there…whether they’re protesting Obama or they’re protesting a white Homecoming queen winner at an HBCU.

  4. How is the Homecoming Queen/King selected? Who voted her in? Are there more non-African American students on the Satellite campus(es)? How’d this happen technically?

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