7 comments on “South Caro-lie-na

  1. Hey Dre,
    I don’t really understand the connection. Is it because they’re all Republicans? Is it because they’re all from S.C.? Does that mean Carl Levin and Jennifer Granholm are hypocrites if they condemned or critized any Republicans (which they did) while Kwame was in the same state/party? Joe Wilson didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. Are you trying to make him guilty by association? His only crime was having no class when he called Barack out on a lie. Two days before his speech I heard Barack say with my own two ears that he would cover the children of illegal aliens even if they weren’t born here or made legal. Parse it all you want-” Those who are here illegal” includes the children they brought with them. That whole speech was very disturbing to me (especially as one who voted for Obama). I felt Barack lied, or viciously spun, several parts of it. I’m sorry Dre, but I don’t get this one.

  2. Meh. No relation. Just love poking fun at silly politicians. That they’re all Republicans from South Carolina makes it all the more fun.

    • Hey Dre,
      Meh? That’s it? Oh Well, I guess I might be taking this one a tad too serious. As long as it’s just in good fun. I’m not really much of a Joe Wilson fan anyway. Let’s face it, the guy is a bit of an A-hole on par with Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) who couldn’t bring himself to be even moderately polite to G.W.

  3. Yeah, HC. You take things too seriously. Sometimes in life you just have to sit back and enjoy laughing at people who get caught fooling around with strippers in the middle of a cemetary. 🙂

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