14 comments on “The Beauty of Politics (Part 2)

  1. Much, much better list this time around. Just one thing, is it me or does every woman in the top five look incredibly similar to the other women in the top five?


  2. Bravo. It’s good to see that you’ve come to your senses. That Pelosi thing still freaks me out a bit. I’m also glad to see that you’ve seen the light with Mara Carfagna. I was getting worried about you.

    I agree with nic. Your top fives look pretty similar. Of course, with the exception of Yulia. I don’t think I’ve quite seen one who looks even remote to her. What a looker.

  3. Is it my imagination or does Orly Levy bear some resemblance to Eva Longoria-Parker? Thank goodness she’s nothing like that other loon named Orly. Hahaha!

    • Javar, in that particular picture I also agree that Levy looks a little Longor-ish. But generally, they don’t look much a like. Must be the lighting.

  4. Hey Dre,
    “That Pelosi thing still freaks me out a bit.” Gotta agree with Javar.

    “Much, much better list this time around.” I’m totally agreeing with Nic on that one, and that they all look very simular.

    Once again, black women that actually look black instead of “Nearly White” are absent. Black women; the closer you look to white, the more attractive black men will find you. Message-Get some skin lightener, colored contacts and hair straightener. How do black men get away with this? (Sorry Dre) But, if I were encouraging my wife to try to look more Asian (for instance), my head would be on a stick in the front yard.

    • Maybe we’re not looking at the same lists. On my lists, there is Michelle Obama (who is UNMISTAKABLY black…as bigots and trolls constantly remind us), Condi (who took flack for WFWWB…Working for W. While Black), Nikki Tinker, and Christine Kelly. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, these women bear no resemblance to whiteness (other than perhaps straightned hair).

      Your observation about an absence of black women is more of a reflection of their under-representation in politics than the jaded eye it sounds like you’re saying I have.

      I agree that there are some socially destructive ramificiations to the self-hating practice of skin whitening/hair straightening. But that wasn’t demonstrated in this post. At best, this post was more chauvanistic than anything (happy, Jennifer?)

      • Hey Dre,
        I was referring to THIS list and I had to look up Christine Kelly to see IF she was even considered black by most people (she’s pretty light colored and straight haired.). I give you credit for Michelle and Condi though, even if they didn’t make this list. It’s just that I see a real disconnect in the way black men view their own “blackness” and the way they view black women’s.

  5. Maybe I was a little quick on the trigger. You at least gave Lebanese women a shout out! Woot, Woot!

  6. @thehc:

    I’m kinda late on this one, but I’m wondering why acknowledging the beauty of light-skinned women necessarily implies that dark-skinned women AREN’T beautiful. Fine comes in all flavors, and THIS brother finds no shame in admitting that he wouldn’t mind tasting them all.

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