Despite my best efforts to form a list of hot politicians, I realized that I missed out on some real winners. To make up for it, here is Round 2. *Note: to those of you who gave me grief about it before, I assure you: Nancy Pelosi is NOT on the list this time.*

First, the honorable mention:

Caroline Flint: Member of the Labour Party in the UK. Checking her out makes me forget about how annoying it is that the Brits needlessly add the “u” in Labor.

Gina Parody:  Columbian Senator. Please God. Turn me into a Columbian drug lord so I have to testify before her subcommittee.

Yuri Fujikawa: Japanese Assemblywoman. If you thought Japanese supremacy ended with electronics, think again.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: First Lady of Franch. Though a wee bit on the petite side (i.e. the anorexic model type), I can’t deny the hotness from the First Lady. The French know a thing or two about fine wine. But they’ve also got the thing about fine women down to a science.

Nicole Parra: Former California Assemblywoman. She’s so hot, she probably had a little something to do with all those wildfires in California. Quick, somebody call the Guv-ee-nah.

Michele Bachmann: United States Representative (Minnesota). As far as looney toons in Congress go, Bachmann is the worst. But if there was ever a politican I could watch on mute, it would be her.

Eunice Olsen: Former member of Parliament. Singapore. Once a former Miss Singapore Universe and co-host of Singapore Wheel of Fortune, Olsen also enjoyed tons of success as a Singaporean politician. I’m sure the fellas in Parliament enjoyed her success as a Singaporean politician just as much.

And now for my [other] Top Five:

#5: Christine Kelly. French Minister for Overseas Territories.


When those idiots on the right tried to sever ties with all things French (i.e. “Freedom Fries” and “Freedom Toast.”), they took one look at her and dropped that silly campaign.

#4: Tsepeli Nikoleta: Greece.


So I have to admit: before now, I never even heard of Nikoleta. In fact, other than her own webpage (completely Greek to me. Literally.), I can’t find any other sources about her politics. But looking at her, who the heck cares?

#3: Strida Geagea: Lebanese political activist and politician. 


I’ve always maintained that Lebanese women are among the hottest on the planet. But Lebanese politicians?! Are you kidding me!!! Wow. Plus, as it the case with most of the women on this list, her story is very interesting.

#2: Orly Levy: Member of the Yisrael Beiteinu, a nationalist party of Israel.


Considered by many to be the Sarah Palin of Israel, Levy does not boast extensive political experience and she maintains a very conservative approach regarding foreign policy, with which I am mostly in disagreement. But I’m sure even Palestinians would love a Gaza Strip Tease from her. OK…that was wrong.

…and the new winner of the “Hottest Female Politician award goes to….

Drum roll, please:

…Mara Carfagna: Italian politician. Mercy.


Given that she was a former model/showgirl, she’s supposed to be at least relatively hot. But her decision to enter into politics (albeit, right of center) made her stock rise exponentially. So much so, that even fellow members of her party openly professed their infactuation. Sarah Palin is hot and all, but not even she could get the dirty old perves from the Republican party to publicly profess it (then again, in her defense: manyofthemaregay of course). So Mara, I salute you!

There you have it. My latest sorority of hot politicians. Let the debating begin!