10 comments on “Hocus Pocus, Presto-Chango

  1. I guess you’ve never heard of Move On, Media Matters, the Huffington Post, or any number of far left “media sources” who try to play this game against people on the right. Once again, you’ve missed out on an opportunity to be fair and objective.

    Anyway, I’m happy Obama’a attempt failed. It has nothing to do with my being “unpatriotic” or “hating America”. I’m simply happy that Chicago – plagued with a culture of corruption as Michelle Malkin states – is not hosting an internationally celebrated event. Nothing wrong with that. Others feel the same.

    • Riiiight! And no other city to ever host the Olympics was corrupt, huh? President Bush’s administration wasn’t corrupt, huh?

      What’s the point in even trying to reason with you and your ilk?

      • Mike,

        That’s where the power of the right-wing media comes into play. Their ability to distort truth using their partisan hackery is uncanny. Even if you point out a CLEAR example of how Bush and Obama supported the SAME THING, they’ll find a way to make this about the Obama administration.

        These guys are good at what they do. The libs? Not so much.

  2. Hey Dre,
    You said,”There is no denying that the Right-wing media is a force like nothing we have ever experienced in the history of the American political system.” Really? And yet despite this incredibly influencial media, the left now owns the House, Senate, and Presidency. If I were the right I would swap media in a second. You want to blame the media for Obama’s opposition? Yet as an independent, I’m unhappy with everything the Democrats are trying to do from running up the debt to an incredibly invasive health care reform that has virtually NO resemblance to what we were promised in the run-up to the election. That has nothing to do with Rush, Hannity or Fox-it has everything to do with Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

    • HC, you’re taking one rare moment of the past 50 years of American politics and making it into a cookie cutter experience. Having a Democratic president and Congressional supporting cast. Since LBJ, the Republican years in the White House have more than doubled that of Democrats. That’s not just the results of sound policy. In fact, the last few years have seen such poor performance out elected officials I’m shocked that impeachment numbers weren’t up. But a massively failing “campaign” against terror, a collapsed economy, a wider income gap, and miserable social policy were erased from our minds…due, I think, to the power of the right-wing media. 10 second soundbytes and distortions of truth are what most Americans take home with them at night. And the media on the right is the KING of providing that. So yes – I AM saying those dudes are fiercely influencial.

      This doesn’t let Obama off the hook. And you know how I feel about Pelosi and Reid. But wanting decent, affordable health care for everybody has been a consistent theme throughout the entire election cycle…and a consistent theme since Hillary was a First Lady wearing skirts. Just as consistent of a theme has been the obstruction of the right, mostly those controlling people minds through the airwaves.

      • Hey Dre,
        “Since LBJ, the Republican years in the White House have more than doubled that of Democrats. That’s not just the results of sound policy.”
        No, it’s the result of bad Democratic policy. The Carter Years were a burden for the Dems that took them years to overcome. They continually lose on morality issues that they can’t seem to avoid. Gay Marriage, Hollywood values, Separation of Church and State, Gun Control, Attacks on anything traditional, Bad-Mouthing America, double standards on damn near anything that they feel should cost a Rep their job but not a Dem. That’s what’s costing the Dems-not the Right-wing media that I’m willing to bet very few people in this room ever watch, much less agree with. How is it they’re so influencial when the only ones who listen is the choir? you have NPR, funded by the Feds feeding bias B.S. all day long disguised as a real news source. Not to mention ALL the major networks save one-FOX. Despite a damn near monopoly, it seems to drive you nuts that there is even one voice of desent. The left controls my schools, my Universities (please don’t even try to deny that one), the majority of my T.V. news services, most all of my newspapers, Hollywood, the music industry and too many more to name. It’s ridiculous to think that it’s the fault of a few rambling righties on the AM dial and not the fact that the Dems have taken this whole debate on the Hill too far left.
        “But wanting decent, affordable health care for everybody has been a consistent theme throughout the entire election cycle” It’s the definition that keeps changing and has evolved into something even I can’t support. If you want to continue blaming the media and claiming that everyone that disagrees with your assessment of what”s “decent, affordable health care” you will never understand why people like me are against it. I promise you I am neither misinformed, misled or mind-controlled. I simply disagree with the Dems health care proposals as being too far-reaching, costly and invasive on those happy with their current plan. It’s amazing to me how often I’m hearing the supporters of these proposals belittling anyone opposed to them as weak minded, stupid, racist or cruel.

  3. To be fair Andre, this is a political climate like nothing we’ve ever seen before. For the first time in history of this country, our president is black. That has been the source of endless racism from many of people. A lot of what we’ve seen this year would have NEVER happened to a white president with some of the same ideas. A lot of that is fueled by the right-wing media. But not all of it. But also, it’s important to note that not ALL opposition to Obama is racially motivated. Sometimes, it really IS about his policies.

    • Kelee,

      Thanks for your comments. But this post is not directly about race. I never even mentioned the role of race. The post is about how liberals have failed at combatting the force of the right-wing media and how the right has used certain rhetoric and shrewd political tactics to dominate discourse. While I agree that much of the anti-Obama sentiment is race-based (some people will oppose Obama’s policies no matter WHAT they are…), that’s not the focal point of the discussion right now.

      But stick around for a while. You know I’m good for raising the issue. 🙂

  4. Nicely put Andre.

    The amount of spending was ridiculous… especially with the backdrop of the economy. But that wasn’t what irked me the most.

    Fact is….it was a crazy decision to waste that much political Capital and risk so much PR damage…when he didn’t have to. This was a completely avoidable PR disaster.

    There will always be PR disasters….. and plenty that come out of nowhere or that are manufactured by opponents. Those may not be avoidable. But there is no excuse for not steering clear of those disasters that you CAN avoid.

    It’s like an intentional trainwreck.


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