Apparently, Criss Angel’s latest trick was turning liberals into conservatives.

I was over at Mirror of America reading a post by the Angry Independent. In it, AI expresses the very same frustration I have with President Obama and his decision to venture all the way to Denmark (spending more than my annual salary for each hour he was there) trying to make a [failed] attempt to bring the Olympics to the city of Chicago. Aside from the sheer political stupidity of wasting taxpayer dollars when there are far more pressing matters on the table, this trip gave Republican opponents PLENTLY more to chew on with Obama. Needless to say, I got a little ticked myself.

After the attempt to get Olympics crashed and burned, Republicans all over the country found cause for celebration. True, lots of Obama’s opposition was simply in the form of petty and unsubstantial nitpicking against anything the President does. But some oppostion about Chicago hosting the Olympics stems from rational concerns over the economic impact of the event (have we forgotten about China already?). Whether or not the right is simply using this as political opportunism, I agree wholeheartedly with their opposing viewpoint.

Fast foward to today. While watching my beloved Wolverines tragically lose to Michigan State (sigh.), I ran into a guy on campus – a proud, self-professed liberal. In our conversation, the issue of Obama and the Olympics came up. As we were talking about the story, he declared that Republicans opposing Obama’s Olympics bid are nothing short of political obstructionists with an ax to grind and who clearly “…hate America.” I was stunned to hear that…but not necessarily in a bad way. To use that kind of language in response to people’s dissent has been the VERY THING Republicans have been using for years to control the tone of debate. Honestly (and perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting this), it was somewhat refreshing to see some of those same tactics being used by the other side. Granted, I agree that Obama’s lobbying in Copenhagen was done in bad taste. But if there was ever a way to flip the script on how debate and policy are controlled in this country, the libs would have pulled off the ULTIMATE in magic tricks.

There is no denying that the Right-wing media is a force like nothing we have ever experienced in the history of the American political system. Yet I have always taken issue with the way liberals have all but capitulated their stance in favor of Republican noise making. Being “unpatriotic”, “hating America”, being “treasonous”, etc. are examples of rhetorical daggers historically used by the right. Seeing it turning around (even with a story where a Democratic president was dead ass wrong, IMO) was a work of art. It reminds me of the hardcore, unapologetic approach Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has taken in the healthcare debate:

Republicans want sick people to die quickly?! Brilliant!

Simply put, I’m seeing somewhat of a reversal of roles…something that is much needed in this current political climate. For too long we’ve seen the right-wing media jocks and the fear-mongering Republican congressional figures co-opting American moralism. But seeing somewhat of an insurrection from the left – albeit not as influencial – is refreshing, to say the very least.

So far Obama hasn’t been able to deliever on much during his administration. But he has – at least in some minimal instances – woke some folks up out of a slumber.