8 comments on “Assorted Musings

  1. Hey Dre,
    2)What’s Nin…ten…do?
    3)That’s the single most stupid idea you’ve ever had 🙂
    4)So you wouldn’t be printing your signature.
    5)”Kill the White People”???? WTF!
    6)Is this about that God-awful band, Savage Garden?
    7)Delete all the Savage Garden songs
    8)23 times as likely to be in a accident-’nuff said.
    9)LOL doesn’t mean “Lot’s of Luck”?
    10)Hell, I’m jealous of people with narcolepsy. I haven’t slept 8 hours in 10 years.
    11)Dammit, there goes the topic for my next post-Thanks Dre.
    12)The professor that was reading this over my shoulder just stormed off for some unknown reason.
    13)No, I hate those people too. I’d like to ship them all off to Ethiopia so they can share their stupid eating habits with people who eat flies.
    14)People should have their “Born on” dates stamped on their foreheads. Girls lie and guys want to believe what they tell them. However, pissing on anyone is wrong.
    15)A few people have beaten me out of money and then disappeared. It was always worth it.
    16)Be more creative, tell a few really colorful stories involving midgets and cows.
    17)I’m sorry, you lost me at #12. What were you asking?
    18)I just tell them, “Ooops, I have to go. I forgot to put my cat out and he’s going to catch the drapes on fire.” They’re usually too confused to say anything as I make my exit.
    19)Well, that explains a lot.
    20)Here I’ll show you. Forward said info to my E-mail address.
    21) Friendly advice bro, avoid meeting people on the internet.
    22)Agreed, unless it’s Savage Garden. Then it’s O.K.

    Thanks for the fun Dre, I was only joking …most of the time 🙂

  2. 1. Hahaha! I thought I was the only one! I pick up my cell phone and act like I’m receiving a call. I’m such a nerd!!!

    7. You’re doing good. I only listen to, like, five songs.

    8. That’s worse than eating, putting on makeup, and talking on the phone. But not as bad as shaving.

    11. What?! You’re admitting you can be wrong?! LOL!

  3. Very funny! I found your blog through your Sarah Palin tweets, which were hilarious. Then I stumbled on your blog which is just as creative. Nice work, man.

    Kenton H.

  4. 1. Brother, that’s just strange.

    2. Haha! People these days are soft!

    3. MS needs fonts for every emotion.

    4. Agree w/thehc: If for no other reason, cursive is needed to sign those checks!

    5. Unfortuately, kids today are stuck with Pluto Nash. Sigh.

    6. The first time I heard Ashlee Simpson (or at least the person who sings Ashlee’s songs. LOL!)

    7. Don’t feel bad. I still don’t have an iPod. Just a cheesy ripoff mp3 player.

    8. I’ve seen worse.

    9. I ALWAYS laugh first! LOL! There, too.

    10. Oh, the time I would LOVE to have to sleep.

    11. I find it hard to imagine you ever admitting being wrong about something. I would LOVE to see the sight of that! 🙂

    12. I used to hate seeing C’s consecutively. Drove me insane!

    13. That was hilarious!!!

    14. Dre, if you can’t tell minors from adults, you need glasses. It’s SO obvious…in both look and mannerism.

    15. Money has that affect on people. It makes them magically disappear.

    16. Maybe it’s just the idea of meeting new people that has you nervous.

    17 – 19. I hope you don’t tell people that! Maaaan! What a meanie!

    20. Just don’t assume that other people don’t know what to do with that info. Keep it safe and secure!

    21. Gotta agree with thehc again: Stay away from the onliners. People can be weird all over the place, but onliners are notoriously the worst.

    22. Co-signed on that one. When people change my stations, they get to see the door. LOL!

    Funny list, Andre.

  5. i got on the wrong subway train going in the opposite direction than what i wanted to go the other week. when i realized it, i could have jumped up from my seat and ran off the train to the other side real quick, but instead (pride?!), i very cooly stayed in my seat until the next stop, then got off and went to the other side. all of this made me miss my bus when i got on this side of town, and i had to take a cab home. should have just jumped up and ran out the train door. lol!

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