6 comments on “The OTHER side of Extremism

  1. The only time that I have a VERY hard time drawing similarities between Bush protestors and Obama protestors is when the chimp/monkey imagery is added to the mix. Unlike the case with President Bush, using a monkey to depict President Obama is HIGHLY racialized. Yet, many protestors feel like they can do it in righteous retribution. WRONG!!!! That aside, your point is well taken.

    • Hi Kenya,
      I have no idea why there is such a tendency to associate our leaders with chimps/monkeys. However, I can tell you the history of it goes waaaaay back. Reagan was constantly portrayed with a chimp (Bonzo, from the movie Bedtime for Bonzo) Bush Sr. was routinely portrayed as a monkey and certainly Bush Jr. was portrayed that way in hundreds of caricatures. If you have big ears it seems to draw that distinction rather than the color of your skin, but I understand your sensitivity to it. One of the more recent(since WW2) additions to the caricatures has been to show our presidents as Hitler, that one always bothers me.

  2. Hey Dre,
    Well done and very fair. People have a tendency to forget how badly they treated the President that THEY didn’t like and then demand civility for their guy. Wrong is wrong-for Bush or Obama. If you can’t respect the man, at least respect his position. God knows, it isn’t easy to get, or do.

  3. I get the point of this post…and in spirit I agree. But when Bush has contributed to a massive disintegration of a surplus and turned it to a deficit and has launched an unnecessary war leading to the deaths of thousands of people, it’s hard to compare the hatred people had for him and the hatred people have for Obama; whose only mistake was trying to get health care for EVERYBODY. Hated for causing destruction…or hated for trying to heal?

    • I kind of agree with Mike. Hatred for Bush was based upon actual realization of his policies, it’s kind of hard to say that about Obama. however, I do agree that the whole “kill” “die” etc. things on fliers and posters is just wrong whoever the President may be.

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