14 comments on “Fox-y Business

  1. Bravo, Mr. Sanchez for calling these LIARS out for what they are!! I know CNN covered this teabagger mess because I WAS WATCHING IT!!!

    Everybody knows Fox makes it their perogative to make up mess they pass off as reporting. It’s become even more evident as they try to brainwash people with lies as the President is trying to pass Health Care for the working and middle class. Despite his concerns for us, FOX news is making him out to be an evil bogeyman. They just want to continue the status quo.

  2. Fox News lie? Shocking.

    If you haven’t already, check out the documentary “Outfoxed” which examines how News Corp.-owned media outlets go about their news-gathering.


  3. Ol’ Rick Sanchez really went in hard on Fox News. But somehow I don’t think he went in hard enough. The lies Fox has spread, Fox has winked at, Fox has supported grows on and on. Daily I am amazed that this is allowed to go on. Certainly, the freedom of the press in one of the cornerstones of our democracy, but where is the responsibility to tell the truth? With freedom comes an implied responsibility.

  4. Typical move by the libs. Forget about your own instances of media bias (your crowning achievement being Lord Obama). Well, I for one don’t blan on listening to the rants of a slanted drunk driver upset because he’s not talented enough to work for Fox News.

  5. By not “covering” the event, Fox News MEANT to say CNN didn’t bring their covers for the tea baggers to sit on. CNN = a self news outlet who doesn’t bring covers to tea bag rallies. It’s all so simple.

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