3 comments on “Random news

  1. Lots of anti-left stuff here. Any chance you can find some stories about the right?! It’s not like they don’t have their fair share of controversies.

  2. Mike,

    You may not wanna hear this. But scandals and corruption are not exclusive to our dear friends on the right.

  3. – I’m a little suprised that something sensible could come out Sarah Palin’s mouth. But she makes a good point…one that extremists on both sides should consider.

    – People not trusting the media? What a suprise, given the ascension of Fox News.

    – Men thinking with two heads?! Hahaha!

    – It seems a little TOO convenient that the one man who could definitely spilled the beans on Blago is now dead.

    – Shame on Rep. Rangel. He’s supposed to be a champion for the poor. But he’s proving to be just as bad as the next politician. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    – I agree with your assessment about ACORN. I basically see two types of ACORN out there; the more discapable side of it taking over. This is an unfortunate representation of a good-intentioned organization.

    – Regarding the 11-year-old, the big question to me is: what should the penalty be? It would be too harsh (and, frankly a waste of resources) to put him a juvenile center. But he needs to be made aware of the severety of his lies.

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