11 comments on “Ted Kennedy (1932 – 2009)

  1. I can appreciate the criticism of his personal life…as we should hold elected officials to a standard (both now and then). But I will also have a deep respect for Senator Kennedy. His scandals and personal issues aside, he had a tremendous record of public service.

    RIP Sen. Kennedy.

  2. Ted Kennedy, the lion of the Senate…

    Spot on! While those other lily-livered Democrats are trying to make nice with Republicans (i.e. “bipartisanship” in its current form), Sen. Kennedy actually made TRUE progress happen. He is simply irreplacable.

  3. While you’re shedding tears for Kennedy, don’t forget to shed a few for the woman whose death he caused. We’ll never know for sure what happened at Chappaquiddick, but it’s pretty safe to say that he didn’t do what was best for that poor woman. Had his actions been different, she may be alive today. You may love Kennedy’s beliefs, ideas, and politics, but I think it’s only natural to have a sour taste in your mouth when you think of that incident. He was able to lead a life of 77 years; Mary Jo Kopechne was not.

  4. Anon: I actually agree. Nobody is trying to descrecate the man’s memory or his work (as much of as I don’t support). But Andre, you’ve spared no expense in smearing conservative politicians because of their scandals. But a man like Kennedy…you all call a “lion.” A little hypocrisy with a side of double-standard?!

  5. Josh, clearly you missed the portion of this post (and what OTHERS have noted about the Senator). Nobody is pardoning Kennedy’s past indiscretions. What we ARE doing is recognizing the work he’s done before and after that. Unlike many of the policitians involved in scandals, he wasn’t looking to promote initiatives that only favored the wealthy, white people, people with “Christian values”, and the well connected. Even though he was a wealthy person, he didn’t have such a deep resentment toward others not like him. Hate him personally all you want. But you can’t deny his body of work.

    • geekgirl :What we ARE doing is recognizing the work he’s done before and after that.

      I think that’s an important point. Honestly, I agree with Josh and Anon on one point: if Kennedy was a Republican, the Chappaquiddick incident would have destroyed his political career. I sincerely doubt he would’ve been viewed as a Congressional hero. But his work in Congress allowed people to forgive him of something as bad as being complicit in killing. When you’ve dedicated your correct to aiding the least of us, the spotlight is not on you as heavily. Honestly, many Republicans (and even some Democrats) can learn a lesson about that.

  6. Had Kennedy been a Republican the liberal Democrats would have run him out of office years ago because of his scandals. This man opposed traditional values; was pro-perverts, had blood on his hands in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, innocent unborn babies (Pro-abortion), anti-free speech in trying to allow only free speech for liberals, was an ELITISTS, left wing liberal

    • Unlike most of the idiot Republicans out there, Sen. Kennedy spent an ENTIRE political career being a champion for the poor and middle class in this country. Nobody is forgetting what he did (how many times do you dingbat trolls have to be reminded about that?!). But he atoned for his mistakes by having a brave, fierce, and sincere political career. He’s one of the last of a dying breed of concerned public servants.

      To all you trolls, go and post your crap someplace where people actually CARE what you think.

      • Hey Mike,
        That’s kind of harsh to call people “dingbat trolls” just because they disagree with your admiration for Ted. I’m all for forgiveness, but you have to come clean first, something Senator Kennedy could never bring himself to do. P.S. the previous comment was not me.

      • Mike,

        I’m with you on the notion that Kennedy’s career was as restorative as any “apology” politicians muster up when they’re caught with their pants down. So whether or not Ted repented, mourned in ashes, or just made a “statement”, the work he did throughout his life made up for (to an extent) his indiscretions. On that, we both agree.


        …I’m also with thehc. Those who voice dissent and who don’t agree with our assessment are NOT “dingbat trolls.” Where are we in civil discussion when tossing out names for ideological opponents becomes the theme? *Sarah Palin’s a dingbat, but that’s different. :)* I kid, I kid. Sheesh.

        Still, the point remains: the conservative readers here are no more “dingbat trolls” as liberal readers are “socialist nazis.”

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