11 comments on “Fakism

  1. This is so messed up. It’s like the rape accusations that later turn out to be false. It hurts people’s ability to recognize genuine cases of racism/discrimination (which are the majority). 😦

    • I’ve been looking at other sites that cite this story as “proof” that racism is dying problem. Most of the posters on these cites (based on some of the rhetoric they use) have axes to grind anyway. But this Hart idiot provided them even more to complain about.

  2. Did you get so tied in the perversity of this story that you forgot to take a moment to remember your birthday?! Typical Andre. 🙂

    All the same, happy 30th Dre! Have a blessed day, my friend.

  3. Just a few quick things, Dre.

    1. Regarding this post, I completely agree with gazelledusahara. I don’t know WHAT possessed this fool to pull this prank. Not only does he open painful wounds of racism, but he brings into question serious cases involving true racism. It’s the boy who cried wolf.

    2. I love the new look. Very nice. The red, black, and white had too much of a vampire feel. I didn’t want to say anything…

    3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Were you NOT going to tell anybody?! What gives? You should be enjoying this day. Each year God allows us is a blessing. Take some time to enjoy it!

    • LOL! This is about the only time where black people should be portrayed as white supremists.

  4. Andre, I understand the anger directed at this young man. His actions were unjustifiable and stupid. But looking at this from a larger perspective, where are the arrests for all the white supremacists who actually DO engage in terrorist attacks (yes, that’s exactly what they are!) and threats? There is a gross double-standard being applied here.

  5. I don’t really have a response to this particular post, as anything I would say has been pretty much said already. However, while I respect you & your blog, & am even digging the new look, what’s w/ that fugly hat? Those losers are a sad 57th in preseason rankings. Good luck w/ WMU on opening day. 😉


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