17 comments on “A Martian’s View on Venusians

  1. I don’t know why I bother wasting time out of my day to read this stuff. LOL! What could’ve possibly crawled in your head to possess to write this?! Still, it was pretty amusing. 🙂

    • Cyn, my experience dictates this post. I’ve done plenty of experiementation to support my claims (unscientific, maybe…but still pretty interesting).

  2. I’m sure your commentary is a hit with the ladies, sir Andre. LOL!

    Seriously, some of the points you raise are sincerely valid. But if you keep God the focal point of your search, I believe he will grant you the serenity to acheive success with a mate even if she does prescribe to some of the behaviors you pointed out. None of us are faultless…including you. But God-centered love can overcome any faults we may have. Stay encouraged, brother! You’ll be blessed in God’s time.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Joanne. But if a suitable mate is in God’s plan for me, He certainly didn’t make it easy to find her. 🙂

      • Joanne, excellent comments; i totally agree.

        Andre, God hasn’t made it easy for me for my Mr Right either. lol! however, in the waiting, God is teaching me so much, especially about myself. i sometimes think when we have all of these things that we don’t like, etc., we can be a hindrance to our own happyness. i’m learning more and more to just roll with the punches. as Joanne stated, “God-centered love can overcome any faults we may have.” key words–“God-centered love” cause God’s love sees way beyond our faults and see ours needs.

  3. Hey Dre,
    My prediction for your life-lots of dates, ends up alone with forty cats (or 4 dogs). The biggest problem I see with women is that they put up with us men. Cheating, endless inflating of our Egos by flirting with every girl that looks remotely interested in us, treating our women like servents, having a double standard, excusing our behavior while condemning theirs, not seeing the difference between a relationship and just getting laid, just to name a few. Women aren’t that hard to understand, but what do I know, I’ve only been married for 30 years. Don’t want a women to act like all the other crazy women? Stop acting like every other guy and expecting them to tolerate it.

      • Hey Dre,
        I’m sorry, I have never been able to see what women see in us. If my friends treated me anywhere near as bad as they treat their girlfriends/wives I would tell them to hit the road. But, to be a better wingman, I’ll give it a try. What I don’t understand about women;

        1) They are attracted to inflated egos and then complain about how self-centered men are.
        2) They won’t give a good, loyal, hard-working guy a chance (because he’s boring) but will date a thug and then wonder why their lives are always in chaos.
        3) They sell themselves like whores and then complain when they’re treated like one (by the guys in 1&2) Tip for women; If you fish with meat, don’t be suprised if you catch a shark.
        4) They cheat on us with some back-door-man (or married man) and then are somehow suprised when he cheats on them.

        There, best I can do.

    • hi HC,
      congratulations on 30 yrs of marriage. that’s truly a blessing, especially in this day and time. may you and your wife have 30+ more years of loving and enjoying each other. love your comments!

  4. LOL! This was priceless! I have to admit, I saw myself in a few of these. My bf has told me that I’m guilty of 1-3. It’s always good to insight from the opposite sex. 🙂

    #5 can’t be solely attributed to women, given that it’s men who think they can buy affection. After all, there are some men who pull out their wallets even AFTER we insist we don’t want their charity.

    #10: You can’t fault us for this one. C’mon Andre. You know better! LOL!

    #13: As if men don’t play games too, right…?

    A few of these were spot on…but some of them were a stretch. But it was pretty funny at least. Thanks for the humous insight!

  5. Before we got married, I used to HATE when my then-girlfriend would often point out an attractive woman and ask me if I thought she was pretty. It drove me bonkers. If I said “no”, she’d get mad because she assumed I was lying. If I said “yes”, she’d get mad just because. It was a lose-lose situation.

    • You must’ve gave a correct answer once in a while, J. Alex…if you married the woman. LOL!

    • LMBO!!! Do you guys REALLY sit around and think about this kind of stuff?! I may never look at my man the same again!

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