In what will most likely be a controversial flick, the never-shy Chris Rock is set to release his documentary “Good Hair”, an examination of women of color and their hair. Check out the trailer:

Given that I generally like stuff involving Chris Rock, I can’t wait to see this joint. I expect it to be hilarious. I will admit however: I am a little concerned with how Chris Rocks’s comedic take on the social phenomenon of natural hair vis-à-vis treated hair will play out.  His brand of shock and awe humor could potentially revoke the legitimacy of the discussion.  From the looks of the trailer, this may be yet another example of how CR lightheartedly addresses serious issues – to the detriment of black women.

While I think his body of work has brilliantly injected thought-provoking social commentary over the years, other parts of his act have routinely targeted (and, depending on who you talk to, degraded) certain attributes unique to black women. While many of these kind of jokes tend to generate consortial laughs from us brothas, I’m not entirely sure how well that same humor is received by the sistas. I dunno. All I know is that – far more than men – hair grades and styles have been considered a complex social barameter of self worth for women of color. Seeing this possibly getting ridiculed on the big screen may not bode well for the fairer sex. I guess that will be for black women to decide.

What do you think?