8 comments on “More Excessive Force…?

  1. In typical fashion, the media (and apparently you) are quick to make judgements on what happened. Instead of seeing this as a situation where police were trying to protect innocent people, it has become a crusade against the police. I’m waiting for Obama to say these police were acting stupidly.

    If my memory serves me correctly, the original article stated the subject was “suicidal”. So would this not be a simple case of “suicide by cop” as has been the case many times before?

    Excessive? Maybe. However, I don’t even want to imagine what COULD have happened to innocent people had the police not responded. At the end of the day, NOBODY knows what happened. Only those at ‘the scene’ know what took place, how it all came about, and why it ended the way it did.

    Second-guessing, undue criticism, and rush to judgment can be nearly as deadly as all those bullets. Be sure of your target before you fire.

  2. If somebody is going to roam around their neighborhood wielding a rifle looking for “suicide by cop”, then they’re going to find it. It’s as simple as that. Furthermore, if these shots were in fact fired in three separate volleys with commands to drop his weapon being ignored between each volley, then I don’t see what the problem is. Nut-jobs like this get absolutely zero sympathy from me.

    -Don’t walk around your neighborhood w/ a rifle looking for trouble.
    -If ordered by the police to drop your weapon, do so.
    -If shot by the police, & you really want to live, refer to the above.


  3. Although the provided link contains it, you left out a fairly important detail…

    Weary said the officers followed Heyward as he walked from a restaurant parking lot to the porch of his house, then unsuccessfully attempted to subdue him with a stun gun. They shot him when he refused to drop the rifle and pointed it, police said.

    The guy couldn’t just take a few bullets & keep going (an amazing feat by itself), but unless the Officers missed w/ the stun gun, was able to take that as well. So, seeing how this guy was waving & pointing a .44 Magnum rifle (which is capable of creating a hole in somebody nearly the size of my fist) I am incredibly curious as to what you would’ve done had you been put in the position of any of the officers Andre. It’s easy to say that 59 shots are excessive due to the sheer number, but not so much when you’ve already put a few through somebody & that person is still pointing a .44 caliber gun @ you.


    • When after 58 shots the guy pointing a gun @ you is still standing & pointing a gun @ you.


    • Sweet & innocent ol’ grannie…wielding a knife in a public parking lot.

      -Don’t walk around a parking lot w/ a knife looking for trouble.
      -If ordered by the police to drop your knife, do so.

      I fail to see how this isn’t common knowledge in today’s world.


  4. Hey Dre,
    I admit it seems excessive to shoot someone that many times. However, you walk around drunk and armed, refuse to drop your weapon, point it at the police and then get shot-IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT! No one else’s. 50 shots or 50,000, it still YOUR FAULT. Maybe you could explain something to me I don’t understand about these gun posts. What I got out of your last two posts is as follows;

    White nut with gun =worthless blemish on society and stereotypical of gun owners.
    Black nut with gun = victim

    Now I have a couple of questions.
    1) Does the color of your skin automatically absolve you from being a “gun nut” ? (I’ve never, ever heard a black person with a collection of guns refered to that way.)
    2) If the man in the previous post was shot 50 times would he then be a victim of overzealous police?
    3) If the man in this post would have shot and killed a cop first, then would it be O.K. to shoot him 50 times? If not, what is the proper number?
    4) Is it equally bad (or worse) for a black cop to shoot a black man? How about a white man?

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