10 comments on “Police and Racism Revisited


    The minute that happens, he’ll most assuredly have a job waiting for him on Fox News.

  2. If Obama said this cop “acted stupidily”, I wonder how many neo-con loonies would jump all over him. Try to defend THAT one, Fox News. I dare you to.

  3. What? Racism in the police department? Shocking! Who would have EVER suspected?!

  4. You people have clearly missed the boat. This is just a case of an innocent cop who just so happens to be anti-jungle and anti-monkey. What’s racist about that?! 😉

    My GAWD! Between this, the mess with Dr. Gates, and the state policemen who ticketed a woman in labor, I’m increasingly convinced that Massachusetts police are all losing their damn collective minds!

  5. Hey Dre,
    I’m not really sure who you meant by “your boys”. I would call “my boys” people who would be offended that anyone would use such an obvious racial slur. Does that mean I’m one of “us”? Are all of you “my boys”? Or are we separating ourselves by color again? For the record, I think he should be fired or at the very least be given some time off WITHOUT pay. If I sent such a racial slur out in an E-mail, I’m dead sure I would be fired. Why should someone in such a position of authority be treated any less severe?

    • “Your boys” = other police. I’d even go as far as to say ‘other police’ – irrespective of color. If a black officer pulled this same mess about Gates, I’d want his head too. For that matter, if this involved a black officer calling a white citizen “honky” or referring to any other racial/ethnic group with perjoratives, I’d want his head.

      It just so happens that this case involves a white officer making racist statements less than a week after people basically tried to ignore or downplay the racial implications of Gates’ story. But if police in Boston don’t want black folks to “pull the race card”, they need to quit doing racist s***

      • Sorry Dre,
        I just noticed that it was addressed to “Dear Police” -my bad. Damn you responded fast. I just didn’t want to be in the shitty racist apologist group.

  6. Had we, as a society, a bit thicker skins, we would broadcast these lunacies far and wide, with an appropriate apology to the more sensitive among us, demonstrate a little Common Sense for our fellow man, and let the fringe element drown in the laughter and public ridicule generated by their own thinking or lack thereof. Along with the right to free speech comes the right to make a public fool of oneself; and like the naked, fools have little or no influence on society. We should “Never Underestimate the Power of Laughter.”

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