Why Michigan continues to be in the dumps:

Exhibit A: Obama was wrong for chiming in about the Skip Gates affair (can we call it “Gates-gate”?). But, leave it up to other idiotic politicians to make more of an issue of it than what is needed:

U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican who represents Michigan’s 11th district west of Detroit, plans to introduce a House resolution today demanding President Barack Obama apologize for remarks he made last week about Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley.

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Obama screwed up. You want to gain political points. I get it. But you know what will REALLY score you some major political points? Getting Michigan’s nation-leading 15% unemployment rate under control!!!

Exhibit B: Not to be outdone in political shenangians, we have Rep. Bart Stupark (D-MI). When confronted about some of the shady and underhanded activity going on at the now infamous C-Street house in Washington, our brave and intrepid representative from Michigan is claiming ignorance. Oy vey.

Perhaps if our state reps spent more time trying to find solutions to the State’s economic woes and less time pushing non-binding resolutions calling for Executive apologies and/or covering up girlfriends for your political friends/yourself, I can reconsider my decision to move to Guam.