12 comments on “Broken Hand

  1. Exactly why I got out while the getting was good. But living in Caul-ee-forn-ya hasn’t been a bowl of cherries either. 🙂

  2. LOL @ JJM! Very funny.

    Dre, please tell me that none of these guys represent your district.

  3. So at what point will McCotter and Stupark draft resolutions apologizing to Michigan for being morons?

  4. So this is silly resolution, but Rep. King’s resolution honoring Michael Jackson is a good one? Give me a break!

    • Josh,

      The point of this particular post was to beat up on Michigan politicians…but I’ve got no argument with you on this one. Right now, anything outside of creating jobs, fixing this economy, improving the state of health care, and ending these wars is of no importance. All these clowns in Congress need to get voted out.

    • Boy. You make one observation about how hot you think somebody is and the audience will never let you live it down.

      • Nic,
        Come on Nic, leave Andre alone on Buffy-the-job-slayer, it’s not like he said that hideous crypt-keeper Nancy Pelosi was hot. Oh, wait, forget I said anything.

        P.S. I found Micheal Jackson’s missing nose, it’s on Nancy’s Pelosi’s face. check it out ;



        P.S.S. how the hell do you make links in comments? help please.

      • Normally, it’s not in my nature to offer assistance to people who insist on dissing me. But Hip Con, if you want to add links you have to use an HTML tag. Here’s how to do it.

  5. Hey Dre,
    on Gates;
    Can EVERYONE apologize for talking about this non-issue instead of focusing on the infinitely more important health care reform that is disintergrating in front of our very eyes? Here, I’ll start. “I’m sorry I ever cared about Dr.Gates, Police Sgt. James Crowley, what Obama said about it, how white or black people are responding, or how the media has portrayed this miserable side bar to our lives.”

    On the Shit-mitt,
    Michigan’s unemployment is at 15.2% and I predict it will soon break the 1982 record of 16.9%, can we all finally agree Granholm has NO clue what to do about it?

    On Bart:
    Be careful, don’t piss him off, Bart Stupark is one of the Blue Dog Dems I was warning you about. There goes your majority.

    At this point, even Bangladesh looks better. They at least they have a winning Cricket team.

  6. Thanks Bro,
    You know I only joke with people I like. If you think Jen is a MILF and Nancy is a GILF, that’s your biz. I think Dana Peraino is hot, so who am I to talk?

    • I concur, thehc. Minus the creepy ties to the Bush adminstration, I’d have to agree on the hotness of Dana Perino. Black eye and all.

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