8 comments on “The Return of Crashcut

  1. I guess some people kind a certain gratification in damaging their own ear drums. But at least a few people (in both clips) got a good laugh out of it. LOL!

    • This dude is clearly the long-lost sixth member of Sexual Chocolate. I was wondering what happened to him.

  2. it does sound like noise, but if he is singing from a sincere heart, it sounds totally different when it reaches God’s ears. i was listening to him when he was talking briefly to the congregation, and i think he’s so grateful to God for keeping him thru his mess when he was in the world. i probably would never invite him to sing publically for me, and maybe he should just sing in the privacy of his home, but hey, if those churches want to keep inviting him, well…..

    kind of reminds me of some of the American Idol contestants who go to audition.

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