6 comments on “Smear campaigns don’t die…

  1. I don’t see the problem with wanting Obama to prove his legal status as a citizen. By his own admission, his father is not a citizen. Besides all that, if Obama is as legit as he claims, why spend MILLIONS of dollars to supress the evidence. What’s he got to hide?

  2. Worldnetdaily, the conservative conspiracy site that purports Obama to be a Russian agent that infiltrated the Presidency, believes the creation of a North-American Union is imminent, & has in the past advocated for a “whites-only immigration policy for North America“? That Worldnetdaily? Additionally, even w/ their many past contradictions & redactions aside, the plaintiffs for these lawsuits against Obama included 9/11 conspiracy theorists &…ugh…Alan Keyes. Credibility wut?


    • NIc,
      I couldn’t agree more. Since when is it the job of the accused to prove their innocence based on every half-baked theory a bunch of college kids or wackos can come up with? If Obama produces a birth certificate and then they’ll want him to prove it wasn’t faked. If he brings forth witnesses, they’ll say they were bought off or threatened. On and on it goes. (sigh) I often wonder if they would like a group of conspiracy theorists on the jury if THEY were on trial???Conspiracy Theorists-it’s your job to PROVE someone committed a crime, not their infinite responsibility to address every accusation you can dream up. Next you’ll want him to prove he’s not from another planet. Thankfully (for now) we still live in a country that believes in “innocent until proven guilty”, not guilty untill you can prove your innocent.

  3. @ Nic. Right. I wasn’t even gonna bother with this one.

    Josh, I take it that you also read the edition of the World Net Daily where they interviewed eyewitnesses to the Martian attack of ’58. Sheesh.

  4. These loons won’t be satisfied until they uncover a document (notarized or not) stating that Barack Obama is NOT a natural born US citizen. They refuse to pull their fingers out of their ears. Typical.

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