6 comments on “Walter Cronkite (1916 – 2009)

  1. For those of us who follow the media, Walter Cronkite was to the media what MJ was to music…expect Walt didn’t leave a weird legacy behind. He was an icon and one of the great TRUTH TELLERS in the media.

    RIP “Uncle Walt”!

  2. Agreed. Truly the giant of 20th century journalism.

    I find it rather fitting that he passed during the Apollo 11 anniversary week. Reporting the space program was one of his loves.

    Rest, Mr. Cronkite and thank you. Thank you for always telling us, “the way it was.”

  3. Unbiased and trustworthy. Two attributes that have all but disappeared from television news today. No “journalists” today are in the same vicinity as Mr. Cronkite. RIP, Walt.

  4. Hey Dre,
    I grew up listening to Uncle Walter. I believed him to be “The Most Trusted Man in America” and bought into the image. One day, on NPR, shortly after the Dan Rather fiasco, Uncle Walter was baring his soul about how he was a closet Liberal who routinely edited out pro-conservative pieces and in his own words, ‘Did everything in his power” to make sure that Barry Goldwater wasn’t elected. When asked if he would have lied or falsify documents ala Dan Rather, to assure that Barry Goldwater lost, he replied, “Yes, I would have done anything.” This from a man I believed was always telling me the unvarnished truth. From that day on my opinion of Walter Cronkite was forever tarnished. I wish all the best to the Cronkite family and friends. But glorifing Walter as the kind of journalist that we should pray to have today is going too far. I don’t want opinions and distortions from my news staff, I get enough of that from the commentators. However, as just a man who to the best of my knowledge never hurt anyone, RIP Walter.

    • Hmmm. I didn’t know that HipCon. Most of the commentary I read about Cronkite’s career (and most of what I remember from being a wee little kid in my Transformers underware) highlighted his great journalism. But I guess even the icons have their major flaws (SEE: Michael Jackson). Granted, if there’s anybody I would’ve liked to see hammered, it would’ve been Goldwater (there is no Hannity without Goldwater). But hearing this story puts a stain on what I would’ve thought was a stellar career.

      Ever think about becoming a journalist? I guess you’ve got a pretty fair balance of Hippie and Conservative.

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