4 comments on “Yes! Well, maybe. I dunno.

  1. I honestly can’t fault you for this. I think on some level many of us are the same way. We go to church every week (and MAYBE a couple of days a week) and think that’s all to it. If God required more of us than the comfortable routines we are accustomed to, I think more people would be having this same kind of reflection. Me too, probably.

  2. Thank you for sharing that brother, it was beautiful and profound. I think that once we realize that our only power in life is the power to say yes or no to God’s call, and that everything else is dependent on His will, then we will no longer face a dilemma. It is when we dwell on our own weakness, as if we will somehow be expected to move the mountains with our own power and ability, that we find ourselves in doubt. I have to remind myself of that in prayer every day.

    • Hi Sylv,

      It was Shekinah Glory singing “Yes.” You can find the song on iTunes.

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