9 comments on “Showtime at the Church House

  1. i think one of the problems the body of Christ has is first we try to put God in a box. who says if you’re worshipping God in the dance this way, that you’re not really worshipping God? there are many forms of dance and praising and worshipping God, but people have gotten so if we don’t do it the way they think, then there’s a problem. in this day and age, there are so many churches, that if you’re not getting what you feel you need at one church, then there’s a body of Christ for you someplace else. i think the body of Christ needs to stop being so judgemental of one another. it’s just want the devil wants.

    at least they’re not at the club or some rock concert partying; they’re in the House of God partying for the Lord. Psalm 150 says to praise the Lord in His sanctuary, praise Him according to the abundance of His greatness, praise Him with trumpets, praise Him with lutes and harps, praise Him with tamborines, praise Him with the dance, praise Him with stringed and wind instruments, praise Him with the cymbals and praise Him with loud-sounding/crashing cymbals. then it finishes with ‘let EVERYTHING that has breath paise the Lord.

    people get free from bondages thru the dance of praising God; they get healed thru the dance of praising God. there’s a saying, “if you don’t want to praise the Lord (the way i do), then don’t hinder me.”

    Andre, this might not be your cup of tea, but for a lot of people, it’s one way they praise the Lord, and what better place to do it in, than the church. there are more traditional churches and quieter churches, so if that’s what people need, then they’re free to attend those, but don’t knock people for how they praise God. this wasn’t the sermon, and from what i heard, the Word was given and really blessed people. the congregation and the partor were just rejoicing from it and praising God in the dance.

    there are different cultures and races of people, and everyone has their own way of dancing before God and praising Him. the Irish might do their clogging on church day in their churches, so who’s to say they’re wrong or out of order for dancing before God in that way? i can only imagine how Africans might praise God and dance before Him during their services. the Australians jump up and down a lot, but they’re still praising God in their own way. when this world is over and we’re in our new bodies and new home, we’re going to be praising God and dancing before Him and running up and down with joy forever and always.

    Cross it up!

    • Sylv, you know I always value your insight on things. In fact, I’d even take it a step further and declare that you’re far more inline with the Word than I am (I admit that I don’t feel as strong in the Spirit as I once was…). But we probably won’t see eye-to-eye on this one.

      I think there’s more perversity in this clip that what you’re giving it credit for. I mean, how can a person effectively preach when their pulpit (and the entire church for that matter) has turned into one big dance floor? When all this nonsense is over, what does a person truly get out of this? As I’ve said before, improving your heart rate is one thing. Improving your heart is another.

    • I think you need to look at it with your own eyes and not through the eyes of others. The first video is almost pure Africa, from the rhythms to the steps. If anything, it’s heartening to see that we still have sanctuaries and traditions that preserve our culture and heritage. Before you dismiss it as mere entertainment, you should study the history and significance of those traditions. There’s often more to our traditions than meets the Western eye.

      • thank you Malik! that’s a little of what i was trying to tell him in my last paragraph. see Andre?!!! (you know i’m just messing with you a little–just a little though)

  2. Personally, I tend to be critical of pastor who pimp in the pulpit. But, I didn’t think that these clips were all that bad. All these are are examples of people praising God using what you would consider unconvential methods. But the people are only doing what black churches have been doing since slavery days.

    I’ll admit, it looked like the church was doing a new dance step, but I’ve seen worse at other churches. I also like how youngsters were given a forum to which they could relate. Most traditional folks would’ve tried to hold him back. After all, isn’t this how you minister to the world?

    • Kenya, you’re employing a certain kind of relativism that I would just as soon avoid. Pardoning certain image-damaging displays at church just because they may not be as bad as other churches is a problem. I’m sure I could find far more insidious examples of pimping from the pulpit, but this one just so happened to get sent to me.

  3. I agree that if this was genuine praise and worship, then so be it. But I have a hard time believing these exhibitions are anything less than a workout. I felt like I was “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” when I saw this.

    There’s a lot of running around, dancing, and shouting in many of today’s churches. But, sadly, there isn’t much truth.

  4. ok Andre, i know this is an old post, but one of my friends just sent me the 1st video ’cause she’s just now seeing it. it’s a Nigerian congregation in Texas, and as i was saying in my above comments, cultures worship differently. it was real, even though to people it looks like something else. good thing God is the one who judges our hearts. my friend is married to an African, and their praise isn’t always traditional. you always have good subjects and feedback on your blog; that’s why i love coming here..

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