10 comments on “Short-lived Vacation

  1. I think your Palin projection is waaay off… for her to achieve that goal she would need teh savvy of Obama, the cunning/planning of Rove and Hell to freeze over (which is what I assume would need to happen before some of her formidable Republican competitors let her take their golden grail away– ie. Polenti, Romney, heck maybe even Gingrich). Even if God forbid Obama gets’s stopped in his tracks, I think Palin needs more than her memoir gathering dust on peoples coffee tables, she needs an overhaul of her image.

    Or maybe it’s just me being ever the pessimist… either way I hope to God I’m right…lol.

  2. Iono, GDS. (Alliteration aside with this next line) Palin proved to be pretty popular with people during the Presidential race.

    In many ways, Sarah Palin’s story could be adequate enough to lure enough of the electorate to her side. While I think President Obama showed us that anybody could come from humble beginnings, become an intellectual “elite”, and become President; Palin showed that a person could come from humble beginnings, be a blithering idiot, still come close to securing the White House. It certainly didn’t hurt her cause to pull the gender card, toss out the “Socialism” claims, and bring up associations with Bill Ayers. That’s her appeal…as much as it disgusts me. The electorate identifies well with people that aren’t too intelligent or substantive.

    In that respect, I think Palin’s the odds-on favorite to the GOP nominee in ’12.

    • “The governor needed a break after being on duty now for two and a half years solid, said her personal lawyer Thomas Van Flein.” (Source: CNN)

      I get that Palin does some things outside of the box, & is appealing to many for precisely that reason. However I can’t see how soundbites such as the above won’t come back to bite her in the political ass.

      I dunno though, maybe the GOP really is that desperate. *Shrug*


  3. Boy! Between Sanford and now Palin dropping out, the list of Republican presidential hopefuls are slowly dwindling down. Keep this up, GOP. You’ll help Obama win a second term with no problem!

  4. Strange that Gov. Sanford’s the one who lied about the Appalachian trail when it’s Gov. Palin who’s taking a hike.

  5. Hey Dre,
    Welcome back, (sheesh, that wasn’t even as long a break as I take between EVERY post.) Well, at least I won’t have to carry out my threats. Sorry, Nancy.

    On Ridge;
    Rush will never take Tom’s advice to be “less shrill”. Limbaugh is the NUMBER ONE radio personality in America and 9 out of 10 people couldn’t even tell you who Tom Ridge is. Why would anyone think Rush isn’t simply doing what he’s done for his whole career? He’s creating contraversy so his audience will continue to tune in to see what happens next-just like Howard Stern. Amazing how people try to second guess someone at the very top of his field. (As much as I personally dislike him.)

    On Gibbs;
    Fergodsakes. Am I living in a alternate universe? Does anyone really believe ANY of this isn’t staged? I applaud Chip for at least TRYING to do what real reporters used to do and ask a real questions. (I believe Chip won’t be getting called on for some time.)However, I (as Obama’s or Bush’s Press Secretary) would never allow my boss to get hosed with a bunch of asinine questions by the general public just so they can put them on youtube. Come on people, you know damn well some jerk would ask a “Are you still beating your wife?” question. I had the same problem when people criticized Tony Snow. As a Press Secretary your job is to protect your boss from the wolves, not feed him to them.

    On Palin,
    Actually, I think all you Palin-Haters should be patting yourselves on the back. By attacking her family, showing absolutely no class or restraint, hiding behind humor to be excessively cruel, promoting distortions if not outright lying, using sexist statements and logic you would never use on a left-leaning woman, and using the courts to bankrupt her, you have reached your goal. You should be sooo proud. I guess simply attacking her positions and leaving personal attacks out of it was too much to ask. I doubt very much she will run for President and if she did she certainly didn’t help herself by gaining a “quitter” label. I guess the lesson is it’s only O.K. for women to assert themselves if they have a “D” after their name.

    • Hip Con,

      What can I say, man? I couldn’t stay away. Much like our dear Govenor from Alaska, I’m no quitter. More on that in a second…

      (1) You’re spot on about Ridge/Oxy Limb. The only people REALLY paying attention to this war of words (so to speak) are libs who are DYING to find the next conservative hero (or goat) who dares to challenge Boss Limbaugh. I expect an apology from Ridge, and then shortly after that I expect this story to fade into black. None of this will change the Republicans process of doing/saying things.

      (2) On Gibbs and co: I would’ve expect the “Co.” folks (the Obama Administration) not to put poor Gibbs in this position in the first place. Rigging Q&A sessions may have been fine for the CNN debates, but for an administration-led townhall meeting?! That’s a no-no. Of course, I haven’t heard a peep about this coming from liberal sites; much like the silence that came from conservative sites about the accusations that the Bush administration was in bed with FNC. My, how silent people get when THEIR guy is pulling a foul.

      (3) On Palin: I dunno why everybody seems to think Palin is calling it quits. She’s left the gubernatorial game, sure. But if y’all don’t think she’s maneuvering herself for Pennsylvania Ave., you’ll be suprised come June/July 2011 when she’s standing behind one of those podiums during the Republican presidential debates.

      It’s the very things you cited; the alleged attacks (e.g. fact reporting) that will convince the electorate that Palin was a victim in a …how did she put it…political bloodsport. She’ll do the SAME whining she accused Hillary of (you remember that, right?) to garner enough sympathy and support to run for office. It’s so clear to me.

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