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  1. With Ed McMahon (6/23), Farrah Fawcet (6/24), and Mike (6/25), that rule of three might have some validity.

    • No doubt. 50 is remarkably young for a heart attack. But then again, all the touring, medication, etc. probably made his 50 more like 90.

  2. I was fortunate enough to see him live in Detroit late in the 80’s, & after witnessing literally hundreds of shows since I can honestly say that I have yet to see anything comparable. The hysteria throughout the event was incredible, & is unlikely to ever be matched by any future act. Regardless of the drama that surrounded him relentlessly, MJ was the definition of “talent” to the T. My circle of friends & I still carry MJ tunes on our iPods to this day, which is no small feat considering punk-rawk & indie music rule most of our lives.

    I can only hope his children are taken care of & not exploited or otherwise used.


  3. I’m sorry to say that I’m going to be the unpopular voice here, but what happened to standards? I’ve been all over the internet since the news broke…and everywhere I look people are “sad”, “heartbroken”, etc. etc. etc. But have you all forgotten that this is the SAME guy who admitted the innocence of sleeping with children? He was a talent, sure. But the guy was also a sick twist. Worshipping the talent while ignoring the behavior is the REAL tragedy.

    • For once in my life, I actually AGREE with someone on this blog. WOW!

      I was thinking the same thing, but I thought I would just keep it to myself, seeing as though I usually feel like I’m talking to the wall. But somebody else ALSO came out and said it. J. Alex, no less.

      It’s always sad to hear about the death of a loved person. But I just don’t get this obsession. Every radio station, all over the news, all over the internet. Making a huge deal out of a performer who destroyed his face and molested children. The face part is all on him…he’s the only one affected. But then, he also molested children. One more time so you people get me: MOLESTED children.

      When will people acknowledge that?

      • I think people who grew up with Michael Jackson in the 70’s and 80’s have a different perception than people who only really became familiar with him in the 90’s. That’s why I was wondering.

  4. And before I’m accused of being insensitive, I’m not. My thoughts and condolenses DOES go out the family and the fans. I just think people are worshipping the wrong the things.

    • People are just losing their minds over this whole thing. It’s sad, no doubt. But to even mention the fact that he probably molested children and has put his OWN children in danger was not mentioned anywhere. It’s almost as bad as R. Kelly. Talent takes precedence over standards.

      • J. Alex, I can see where you’re going with this to some extent. I wouldn’t expect people to brush off R. Kelly’s antics just because they love his music. So I get it. But…

        (1) I think MJ’s issues were deeper than they appeared. Recall, this dude lost virtually ALL of his childhood. I’m no psychiatrist, but I can only imagine what the does to the psyche. I suspect that contributed to his Peter Pan syndrome and his love – innocent love, in my opinion – for children. Even if he did touch, molest, or sleep in the same bed with children, I think it was some abnormal love of innocence that drove his behavior. R. Kelly on the other hand is a straight perve who pees on teenagers…or marries the ones he doesn’t pee on.

        (2) I don’t think people are “worshipping” MJ. They…we…just appreciate his music, his talent, and his WORLDWIDE appeal. The dude was seriously a groundbreaker and an icon for a generation.

        The comparison to him and R. Kelly is shoddy at best, dude. Sorry.

  5. Thanks for posting this ,his TALENT was mind blowing,I enjoyed watching him as an artist , the rest of his life , a higher power is dealing with that , any right or wrong ,is not for us to judge ,let him RIP and just enjoy his legacy .

  6. Regardless of his behavior and all the attention he got in the courts and in the media, this legacy will be as lasting as any performer who has graced this Earth. Rest well, Michael!

  7. I try not to follow tabloid stuff, but TMZ is reporting that Jackson’s personal doctor did not want the medics to pronounce him dead. I wonder if that means the doctor is trying to cover up for something he did.

    Anyway, this story is so sad. He was such an amazing talent. It’s just too bad his life and career will be tainted in some people’s eyes. My prayers go out to his family, his children, and everybody touched by his passing.

    • I hope you people are just as thoughtful for the troops who gave or are giving their lives for your freedom.

      • Josh, are you ALWAYS this obnoxious? if you want to be a voice of dissent in what you allege is some kind of one-sided discussion, fine. But it seems like you’re deliberately trying to be a jackass. It’s hard to take anything you say seriously because it’s always so malicious.

        Now to your comments, you don’t know WHAT I think about our troops. I’ll have you know that my heart hurts for them. They’re in my prayers everyday. As are the homeless, the sick, and everybody else struggling in this world. Not that I have to justify myself to you (what have YOU done so noteworthy?).

  8. Josh:
    You have NO IDEA. My sister has served in Iraq for 2 years. Don’t come on here saying ANYTHING to me or Andre about what you DONT KNOW
    Everyone else: Sorry, the whole “iraq” thing always pisses me off, I’m back to normal now!

    André: I totally agree with your assesment of MJ’s molestation charges. 🙂

  9. Andre, bless you for posting this. My kids and I are still bummed out. All of us have so many memories.

  10. For those of you making fuss over MJ’s alleged pedophilia, might I remind you that he was acquitted of child molestation charges when he was tried in Nevada. And although he did pay of some plaintiffs in similar civil cases, that really proves nothing, except that he had the money to make the problem go away quietly.

    I’m not saying that Jackson wasn’t weird. He was. He lived in an amusement park, idolized Peter Pan, slept in a cryogenic chamber, and underwent more plastic surgery than everybody else in the 90210 area code combined. His fondness for kids (be it altruistic or suspicious) was well documented. But even though it may not be something that anyone of us would practice, let alone admit to, sleeping in the same bed with a twelve-year-old (who is not one of your own kids) is not molestation.

    So, throw around the slur pedophile, if you like. But don’t use it with the righteousness of proof. You have none.

    What we can prove, however, is Michael Jackson’s monumental contribution to popular music. Forget the fact that he’s been a superstar since he was the 10 year old lead singer for the Jackson 5 (whose first 4 singles all rose to the number one spot on the Billboard charts). As a solo star, Michael Jackson has no peers in popular music. Of the 70 most popular albums of all time, 5 are Michael Jackson albums. His seminal album ‘Thriller’ is the best-selling album of all-time, having sold over 100 million copies (which is more than double the amount of the second most popular album of all time which come in at under 50 million copies sold).

    His influence over other musicians, dancers, and the entertainment industry in general is more profound than anyone in a generation.

    What we can prove without a shadow of a doubt, and what we can claim with the righteousness of proof, is that few have ever, or will ever impact popular music like Michael Jackson has. Don’t let your own impressions of Michael Jackson’s personal life cause you to question this undeniable fact.

  11. well, i’ve been too bummed out w/ MJ’s death, along with Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon and today Billy Mays, who was also 50 yrs old, and then we had the horrible metro subway train crash here last monday where 7 people were killed and over 70 people injured. my prayer is for healing and peace for the injured, all remaining family members, friends and fans. thanx Andre; i knew you’d do a post.

  12. Hey Dre,
    Just got done watching Joe jackson continuing to exploit his children by using the media coverage surrounding his son’s death to announce his new record company, how sick and sad.
    I grieve for his family, just as I would for any family who has lost a member. They have my sympathies. However, Michael Jackson was a sick man who preyed on children, and no amount of talent can cover that up or make it right.

    • I disagree w/ you on the Jackson’s alleged “preying”, but as far as the Joe Jackson thing goes. Ugh. I saw that (~3 min into the link). Perhaps Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton were taking too much face time for themselves?

      Seriously though guys & gals, does Al & Jesse realllllly have to stick their respective faces in a news camera every time a black American makes the news? Black America could do much, much better.


      • Hey Nic,
        I understand that Michael wasn’t convicted. However, if this was a rich, well connected, white celebrity possibly molesting children (Of the same sex, and opposite color by the way. That always seems to be left out for some reason.) and then was protecting himself with pay-outs and a team of the highest priced lawyers vs. poor people, I doubt that he would recieve such an assumption of innocence. Particularly here. Also, Michael was in the habit of bribing horrible parents to let their kids sleep in his bed. That in and of itself is a crime (to me) that Jackson openly admitted to.

    • @ Hip Con: Taking a page from your book, Mike allegedly preyed on children. He was cleared of wrongdoing. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

      But I have to at least agree on Joe. A part of me wonders if we would ever have the Jackson 5 or Mike without him; but in the end, the man is heartless.

  13. However, if this was a rich, well connected, white celebrity possibly molesting children (Of the same sex, and opposite color by the way. That always seems to be left out for some reason.) and then was protecting himself with pay-outs and a team of the highest priced lawyers vs. poor people, I doubt that he would recieve such an assumption of innocence.

    You’re right. In fact, he wouldn’t even need lawyers, because no one would particularly mind. Woody Allen molested and married his own Asian-American stepdaughter. And America seems to respond to that grotesque fact with a collective “meh”.

    • Can’t argue with you there Malik. But I would throw Woody in a cell with Roman Polanski and let them both rot. It’s hard to come up with a justice system uneffected by money, power and influence. Where people sometimes get confused is when they hear “Not Guilty” and think “Innocent”. You can get off the hook for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with you being innocent.

      • I don’t excuse anything Mike may have done, but I don’t think anyone can truthfully say that they’re able to sort out the facts from media hype in this instance. The only thing that’s indisputable is that he was a deeply troubled individual, and innocently or not, he behaved inappropriately with children who weren’t his own, and failed to respect their personal boundaries. I can’t say with any certainty whether or not the behavior was sexual in nature. At any rate, his ultimate destiny is now left to the mercy and justice of his Creator, who is the only One who knows for certain what Mike did or didn’t do. There’s no sense speculating about it now. I’ll just pray for him, as I hope others pray for me, whatever my failings are in this life.

    • Hip Con: in the spirit of Hippie Conservatism, I’ll let you have the last word. *Inside joke*

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