8 comments on “Why Teenagers Can’t Be Trusted

  1. The conservative part of me is not a big fan of tattoos or tattoo artists (especially one as creepy looking at this guy). But I was upset FOR him. His career stood to take a major hit just because some teenager was scared of what her father would think. In a business where clients are almost like walking billboards, it would have been a shame if her case of buyers remorse would have hurt his practice.

    I didn’t follow this story until I read it here. But had I heard about this beforehand and read that she “fell asleep”, I would have doubted the veracity of her story too.

    • For real. Fell asleep while getting stabbed in the face 100 times per second with a loud buzzing needle? Methinks not. I kinda went into a haze when I got my tat because of the pain, but it would’ve been really hard to fall asleep when it felt like a small rabid mammal was gnawing on my chest.

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