Congratulations to my hometown of Flint, Michigan. Not only has Michael Moore brought the city international shame fame by way of Roger & Me, but Boss Limbaugh is adding to the city’s increasing popularity.

When the issue of Flint came up on his radio show, Oxy Limb and a caller from nearby Flushing came up with a great idea: bulldoze the city. In Rush’s defense though (imagine me saying that), the idea of tearing down deteriorated portions of the city – as fas as the eye can see in certain areas – was also introduced by City of Flint county treasurer Dan Kildee. Though, I suspect one of the big differences between Kildee and Limbaugh is that Kildee truly does have the city’s interest at heart. Meanwhile Rush is simply trying to take  political shots at Democrats, President Obama, and poor people.

All the same, score another one for the good guys. Hooray, Flint! You’re moving up in the world. Pretty soon, you might even be able to catch up with the folks in the D.