8 comments on “Random thoughts

  1. Hey Dre,
    MMMMMMM, comments.
    1) Bush’s work ethic and Obama’s common touch? Why, that might actually work. It’s like carrot cake, two things that you would never think about putting together that somehow pull it off.
    2)Isn’t Biden’s job saying stupid things that embarrass his boss?
    3)On this we totally agree, kids are off-limits. The only exception is when they put themselves in the spotlight. (defending themselves from pre-emptive strikes doesn’t count.)
    4)As long as your not talking censorship, I agree.
    5)What’s wrong with framing a decent black guy? (sarcasm)
    6)Yet another sign of the apocalypse-I’m running for the nearest church.
    7)Andre-For tasing 72 year olds. I hope your not planning on running for office any time soon.
    8)Stupid people are hilarious. Unless they end up in Congress.
    9)Who are the Lakers and why do you hate them? Is it something to do with boating rights?
    10)I wonder if I could get him to float a billion or two to THC? He seems to like acronyms. (examples; AIG, IMF,GM, ACORN)

    Thanks Dre, Good Post!

    • @ Hip Con:

      #6: Head for a church if you like. Hammer did too. If you’re not careful, it might be YOUR reality show that I’m harpooning on my blog next.

      #7: Ha!

      #9: I know you mentioned before that you don’t do sports all that much. But, I hope to Heaven you’re joking about not knowing who the Los Angeles Lakers are? Surely there are at least a few sports organizations you know of. Sheesh.

      #10: Following your alphabet soup logic, I don’t see why BHO shouldn’t give TARP funds to THC ASAP. But I hope you’re not counting on it. If so, you might be SOL.

    • LOL @ thehc. I can just see the smear campaign now….Andre Louis: Soft on terrorism, tough on 72-year-old ladies!

      By the way, I’m gonna have to ask you NEVER to talk about Kanye West, MC Hammer, and Sarah Palin in the same post ever again. It gave me a migraine reading this post. 🙂

  2. I am with you on 1-10 but with one caveat for 3. Kids should be off limits, but that means for their parents too. Other equally big named comedians have made jokes about her kids some even more offensive than the Dave Letterman Joke and she said nothing, as a matter of fact after the following joke on SNL, she made an appearance on the show:

    *”Last September, a skit on Saturday Night Live suggested incest in the Palin family. “What about the husband?” asked a mock Times reporter. “You know he’s doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It’s Alaska!” No outrage. Sarah Palin appeared on the show one month later in late October.”

    Here is the youtube link to the skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRXQ2ZueP5c

    My sentiments: Please spare me the FAKE outrage. Please.
    *from: http://shannynmoore.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/top-10-reason-sarah-palin’s-outrage-is-a-little-late/

    • Interesting point, GDS. I suspect that Palin didn’t pitch too much of a fit regarding SNL because she used HER appearance on the show to gain some popularity points. Biting that hand that could potential feed her may not have been the smartest move for the good Governor. And with all the stupid things she did on the campaign trail, the last thing she would’ve needed was this.

      • i have to agree with Gazelle re pailin. i was reading the other day where many comedians made jokes re the daughter–Conan did about 20 jokes, w/ Leno & others about half of that, and Letterman was at the bottom with the least number of jokes. supposedly her people told her then not to make waves as it could hinder the campaign–yeah, right, like she wasn’t hindering her own self with her own stupidity!

        anyhoo, Dave said he was talking about the older daughter, not the 14 yr old, and anyway, he’s a comedian and that’s what they do, tell jokes. that’s life and people know, that’s where the comedians get their material. he did apologize though, and he’s now making jokes about himself regarding it. if she thought she’d pull his ratings down, she really just helped them. i’m a late nite tv fan, and Letterman is and has always been at the top of my list. even Matt Lauer thought she was a nut.

  3. Letterman needed to apologize about the Palin joke. The press historically has covered White House dogs, holiday trees, and other soft news. I think the press was very kind to Ronald Reagan.

    President Obama has so many hot-button items on his plate. I’m willing to give him some time. As for Joe Biden, since WHEN did anyone hear about the vice president before Dick Cheney? Frankly, I’m not curious as to what Joe Biden is doing. As long as he stays away from the microphone, I’m OK.

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