11 comments on “Florida, meet Iran…?

  1. I think the western media played up the young people support aspect too much. It was like CNN, BBC NPR and others were beeeeging Ahmedinijad to lose.

    But its not just political. Ahmedinijad is not from the Iranian upper crust of Iranian society and this has rubbed higher class people the wrong way (well that and his running off at the mouth). It also points to why he had strong support among the poor/lower classes. In light of the results (if they are true), stronger and more significant than you might think. The parallel between the youth vote in Iran for Mousavi and the youth vote here of Obama was a little suspect, because it seemed that the youth that news people seemed to be capturing were university students and otherwise middle class-esque people.

    Just my two cents. I’m not surprised at the results. And I’m not ready to cry fowl because I think the outside media wanted to portray disdain for Ahmedinijad at proportions that weren’t necessarily there. Besides, like you said, the president isn’t the one running the show any way. the religious leaders are.

    • I’m left to wonder how this population of protestors compares with the people who actually DID support Ahmadinejad. I mean, if you gathered all the McCain supporters in the country in one area, you’ll have a massive crowd. But that massive crowd would STILL be smaller than the massive crowd who voted for Obama. So I’m left to ask (and this isn’t a diss, I promise): what’s your point?

    • Most of my suspicion is based in the overwhelming authority of the incumbent and the iron-clad will of his government (deeply rooted in their fundamentalist approach). I talk a whole gob of mess about the American system of democracy, but it’s nothing like some of the goingson in other nations. That, again, is the source of my conflict. We all know that Iran’s political apparatus is foul. But when the people “spoke”, did they TRULY vote for Ahmadinejad’s system or did they stand up against him and have their votes oppressively disenfranchised? I don’t know.

  2. I give it up to the people of Iran for not sitting back idly while these thugs steal an election!

  3. Hey Dre,
    For the life of me I don’t understand how this notion that Gore won Florida continues. By the count of every major media source;

    Associated Press
    The New York Times
    The Wall Street Journal
    St. Petersburg Times
    The Palm Beach Post
    The Washington Post
    Tribune Company
    Los Angeles Times
    Chicago Tribune
    Orlando Sentinel
    The Baltimore Sun

    Bush won. The only argument is by methods that were never preformed and can’t be proven. The most Liberal media sources in America except it. LET IT GO.

    Now, as far as Iran. I agree with the people that point out that Ahmedinijad is only a puppet president anyway. Any one that believes that Iran is an actual Democracy is dreaming. A real functioning Democracy has real choices. (I’ll let you decide for yourself if we fit that criteria.) This is exactly why I was so upset about the manipulation of Michigan and Florida in the Democratic Primary. This is how Banana Republics act. Elites decide that only they (Kennedys, Gores, Bushs) are fit to run thereby limiting your options. But I digress. These candidates in Iran were pre-approved by the real structure and the Supreme Leader. This is just a Dog & Pony Show designed to make the people of the free world think Iran is a true Democracy. My guess is Mousavi was in on it from the word go and has now either betrayed his benefactors or it just got out of hand on it’s own. Mousavi will either certify the vote for Ahmedinijad and withdraw from contesting it, or end up in a river. The fact that he is still around leads me to believe it will be the former not the later.

    • HipCon, a couple of things:

      (1) The media reported what was going on ground level. They did NOT report everything happening underground (assuming, of course, that there was anything to report in the first place). The 2000 Election left too many questions that were unanswered…thus the political unrest that later ensued. Now, to some extent I think you and will agree that libs would not accept ANY resolution unless it was the one THEY wanted. But the decision the Supreme Court made to end the recount, while citing the Equal Protection Clause was shady at best. To make matters worse, the governing bodies vouching for the decision and Bush’s win were of the same party. Political stank was all over the place. Meanwhile, if a recount could have been done to validate Bush’s win, that would have left libs with no leg to stand on (of course, they could still bitch and moan, but numbers and data would clearly be against them). It’s the appearance of shadiness and impropriety that will always taint the 2000 Election.

      (2) We are seeing some of the same in Iran this year (well, not the EXACT same thing, since the USA at least makes SOME attempt to appear democratic). It’s very well possible that Prez. Mahmoud really DID win this election. But his history of tyranny, the statistical anomalies presented, and the joke of an electoral system in Iran raise legitimate questions. Did he, or didn’t he? Did Bush or didn’t he?

      • Hey Dre,
        I really believe that the whole “Bush stole the election.” thing was simply meant to keep the left base fired up. Nothing more. I don’t even believe those who fanned the flames (like Michael Moore) believed their own rhetoric. It’s just like how the right is using the Obama birth certificate. No amount of proof will satisfy them, but it doesn’t matter, the purpose is not to be right, it’s to get the base angry. On that, it was a complete success.You said, “Meanwhile, if a recount could have been done to validate Bush’s win, that would have left libs with no leg to stand on.” What do you call the recounts by all the sources I gave you? You won’t believe the New York Times? It’s like how the 9/11 Truth C.T.’s won’t except the word of top engineers and Popular Science. If you simply will never accept any evidence by any source (even a liberal one), where am I to go? I will grant you that it “appeared” shady, but where’s that burden of proof of a crime that you always want for other suspected criminals?

        As for Iran’s election (I got waaay off issue, sorry.) There are a lot of things that are different about Iran’s system, like having to be approved to run, but I share your belief that our own system could be better. I just don’t think we’re quite THAT corrupt yet.

      • HipCon,

        (1) The study these outlet used involved probability sampling and statistics. For some folks, nothing short of an ABSOLUTE recount of each and every ballot would be enough to satisfy them.

        (20 The nature of partisan politics show that even empiricists and scientists can be influenced by political affiliation; at least that’s what other partisan folks would say (Dr. Mark Perry’s blog immediately comes to mind. He uses TONS of data to validate his points…but to many, he’s a conservative tool).

        I’m not the kind of person to harp over the past. It’s all over and done with. I’m just pointing out how questions in voting practices have a way of showing up in elections all over the place.

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