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  1. I read a little about Jose Carrasquillo and concluded that he was no choir boy. He had a pretty impressive rap sheet including a few sexual assault charges. So I’m not shedding tears from him. But I ultimately agree with your post. What does it say about us as a civilized society when we allow mobs to wreak havoc. The right to due process and equal protection under the law are some of the most fundamental aspects of our justice system.

    • Josh, you clearly don’t get the point. The shoot first (or, in this case, beat up), ask questions later mentality is wrong. It’s ALWAYS been wrong. It’s that same philosophy that contributed to lynchings or in and out prosecutions. Exacting revenge under the disguise of justice is dangerous and an insult to our way of life.

  2. Hey Dre,
    The reason we have a justice system that is removed from the crime (meaning we don’t put the victim’s family on the jury) is so the presumed perpetrator has a chance at a fair trail. So many times in my life I have been dead certain that someone committed a crime only to find my assumption was incorrect. Most recently, I discovered that U.S. Representative Gary Condit didn’t kill the young intern Chandra Ann Levy, it was instead, Ingmar A. Guandique, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador. I would have bet my house that Rep. Condit, who had an affair with the young intern had killed her to cover the affair up. (I’m willing to bet very few people here wants to blame all illegal Immigrants or Geraldo Rivera. Sorry, I just can’t let it go.) The point is; we have a justice system and a legal and proper way of administrating it, vigilantes have no place in it. I have to admit, if the guy did it, part of me is glad they beat the snot out of the bastard. But they do so at their own risk. By the way, this applies to police, gunowners, anti-abortion protestors, white supremists and right-wing talk show hosts who are so quickly convicted without trial here. (Sorry, again, damn I’m bitter.)

    • Remember when I pointed out how in comic books we knew who the bad guy was? Well in Roeder’s case, (unless the Kansas City Star is full of s***), not only were there eyewitnesses to the shooting, but they were able to accurately identify the vehicle.

      With the Carrasquillo case, I just read today that a video of what appeared to be Carrasquillo alongside the victim has surfaced (honestly, I don’t think the video was particularly clear, but that’s not for me to decide). But before that, the the only thing that could have possibly put him at the story was that the police were looking for him and that he had a previous record. THAT got him a beatdown…the presumption of guilt, not the video. Eyewitnesses who had a gun pointed at them by the suspect after the shooting…or a photo the police sent out; with the justification unknown at the time? A little hard to compare, in my opinion.

      Still, I get your ultimate point. And I’ll make it my life’s mission not to blog about criminal justice issues of any sort until the accused is arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and strapped to the chair.

      • Hey Dre,
        Once again, You know I love and respect you, but your still finding any excuse to separate any comparisons. In Roeder’s case you try to make it O.K. to pre-prosecute and convict. You say, ” not only were there eyewitnesses to the shooting, but they were able to accurately identify the vehicle.” That was also true for Hurricaine Carter and this wouldn’t be the first time that witnesses were wrong. He wasn’t arrested standing over the body. While I believe, based on the evidence, that both men were most likely guilty, your setting two completely different standards for the two men that seems to be based on whether or not you agree with their ideology. That’s what frightens me about this whole discussion, there doesn’t seem to be a common philosophy. There’s no assumption of innocence for right-wingers or even Bill O’Reilly. You don’t even KNOW that talk show hosts have anything to do with the killing of Tiller at all. I don’t mean to be harsh, I just want some consistancy. I promise, this is my last comment on this issue.

      • I’m not saying that eyewitnesses are the end all, be all to a case. But you do have to admit that it’s a little closer to the “proof” necessary to make an arrest and get the trial process started. Now, if it so happens that the eyewitnesses lack the credibility, fine. That’s why the accused is able to mount a defense.

        …your setting two completely different standards for the two men that seems to be based on whether or not you agree with their ideology.

        There are a couple of things wrong about that statement: (1) I don’t agree with EITHER of their “ideologies.” One’s a loony killer (allegedly) and the other is child rapist (allegedly). (2) My ‘standards’ are different because the situations are: again, in one case there were eyewitnesses whose stories – to date – have gone uncontroverted, while in other case, the police simply released a photo based on…well, I’m not sure what they based it on (prior acts, perhaps? In that case, every child rapist should have been a suspect).

        Make no mistake, I’m no fan of vigilantism. But what makes it worse (and what I tried to point out in this post) is what happens with vigilantism specifically before due process is carried out and mobs take things into their own hands…without evidence, no less.

  3. By the way, Scott Roeder (the man accused of killing George Tiller), has NOT been convicted or confessed yet according to the Witchata Eagle (Where the crime was committed and who’s doing round the clock coverage). Do any of you see the utter hypocracy your demonstrating back to back here? I guess the fair justice you want for Jose Carrasquillo doesn’t apply to Scott Roeder or anti-abortionists. (Sorry again, still trying to digest the comments on the last post.)

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