4 comments on ““A New Beginning”

  1. I thought the speech was on point, and hit on a lot of issues; a lot of the hot button ones. Yeah, you could hear the pin drop when Israel was mentioned, but they shouldn’t have been surprised.

    Good post

    • I think Obama spent way too much of his speech indulging Israel…and at the expense of Palestine, no less. It’s hard to lay out a solid plan for foreign policy (though I would argue that very little of Obama’s speech actually dealt with policy), without balancing the playing field being the Israelis and the Palestinians.

  2. With Hezebollah, Jim Boehner, the Republican Jewish Causus, and Al Quada all hating Obama’s speech, I’d say it was a success.

  3. Just more fluff that has come to define the career of BHO. George Bush wasn’t nearly as good of a speaker (translation: teleprompter reader), but he was a decidedly convincing DOER! All Obama does is talk. Talk. Talk. And when he’s finished: more talking.

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