4 comments on “More Head Scratching Moments

  1. Wow. So much information. What to comment on? I guess what stood out was the passing of Wayman Tisdale which is a sad loss to Society and the graduation of Joshua Norris which is a sad reflection on Society. I am all for giving people a second chance and for rehabilitation but there must always be a consequence for an action, especially for an action as serious as assault or attempted murder. Otherwise, there is no accountability or sense of responsibility for one’s action. Yes to mercy but there must also be justice.

  2. @ LGS: I’m with you on Mr. Tisdale. In an age where pro atheletes are spoiled and obnoxious brats on the field and wreckless off the field, it was refreshing to see somebody who was neither. He was a real class act on the court. But when he left the game, he used his time well in helping others and building a solid music career. A lot of people can learn a thing or two from him.

    The Morehouse story made me ill. Like you, I think it’s important to not to close the door on people who have paid their ‘debt to society’ (especially considering how studies show how hard it is for convicts to re-enter society). But not to make someone responsible for something as severe as shooting another person is outrageous. Like I said before: I’m GLAD I’m not a Morehouse man now.

  3. Wow is right, LGS. There’s plenty here to talk about. Let’s see here:

    1. IG Coleman should be fired. In this age of financial uncertainty, that last thing we need from the Fed. Res. is somebody who can’t answer a simple question.

    2. Documented slave labor? Wow!

    3. Nancy Pelosi is as crooked as her smile. And that’s VERY crooked.

    4. I trust my President, but I have to admit this increasing theme of tax cheats is getting a little suspicious. Maybe if Palin said he was pallin’ around with tax cheats instead of with terrorists, she would have a leg to stand on.

    5. James Harrison is allowing some ridiculous scenario to play out while he’s missing a chance to meet the first black president in history. I hope his principles (whatever they are) are worth it.

    6. No comment on Palin. She just won’t go away.

    7. Morehouse will have some answering to do for this. Unless the shooting student goes off to do something GREAT to make up for shooting a classmate, they should have never allowed him to grace a robe and pick up a degree with their name on it. Such a shame. I’m glad you didn’t go there, and I don’t even know you!

    8. Horrible story about Mr. Jackson. I’ve been to the Bronx. Most of it is bad news. Why kill a bright spot in the community?! Not saying that other people deserved to die instead, but it’s sad to see somebody who could have made a real difference in that community die over what is sure to be nonsense. Such a tragedy.

    9. I never followed Mr. Tisdale’s career, but I agree with how there seems to be an absent in positive role models in sports and in celebrity careers.

  4. About the Morehouse shooting, I read this Norris guy has a hummer and lives in a half-million dollar condo. So that leads me to believe that class was definitely an issue here. It sounds like Morehouse is more willing to stay in good graces with a “would be murderer” than to do the conscionable thing.

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