As with before, this falls in line with some of my miscellaneous news joints. Here are some headlines that are causing all sorts of head scratching for me.

— During a hearing last week, Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman demonstrated the kind of administrative ignorance that would’ve represented the end of a career for most of us. When she was questioned about the whereabouts of trillions of taxpayer dollars lent out by the Federal Reserve Bank, she had no clue how to respond. Egad:

Former Attorney General Gonzales would be proud.

In her defense (somewhat), it is not within her job description to account for every single penny being spent by the federal government. But to simply throw up her hands in defeat and concede to knowing nothing is shameful and – yes – head scratching. Let’s put it this way, had you or I came up with that answer, we’d be in the unemployment line right about now. H/T to the Black Informant and Cobb

— This week, the State Department fixed a glitch in their payroll system that was only compensating foreign workers in U.S. embassies at a rate of $1 each day. Now that the problem has been fixed, they are now earning a whopping $4 each day. Egh.

— For all you aspiring political scientists out there, you can learn a thing or two from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After recently being caught lying about her knowledge of waterboarding, Pelosi offered the most obvious rebuttal: say it was the CIA’s fault.

You know something is foul when Newt Gingrich – of all people = calls you “despicable” (pot, meet kettle?)

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the IRS recently tapped Todd Stroger, Cook County Board president with a lien on his home after almost $12,000 in unpaid taxes were discovered. What makes this story noteworthy is that Stroger was once endorsed by…wait for it…President Barack Obama. I’m seriously starting to think that being a tax cheat is a prerequisite for rolling with the Obama crew. Let the head scratching (more like the hair pulling) commence.

— In dumb negro news, James Harrison of the Superbowl Champion Pittsburg Steelers has announced he will not visit the White House with the rest of the team. What’s dumb about this is not his decision to skip out of the invitation. After all, if he wanted to make a political statement (i.e. if he was vehemently opposed to some of the President’s policies), fine. But this negro is apparently upset because it took him winning the Superbowl to be invited. Instead of simply accepting the honor of meeting the President, he has to throw some mini-tantrum.

I’m forever annoyed by infantile celebrities making unnecessary spectacles because the President is not readily available to pamper them. From Mariah Carey’s incessant moaning about not being seated with the Obamas during inauguration to this mess, certain celebs have clearly been blinded by their false sense of entitlement.

— Sarah Palin, everybody’s favorite ditzy Governor, has inked a deal with Harper Collins for her memoirs to be published.  From this, I only have two questions: (1) who’s really going to write this book and (2) who’s going to read it to her?

— This next story is not as much of a head-scratcher as it is just interesting for me to read. According to a recent Gallup poll, American support for the pro-choice agenda is lower than it is for the pro-life agenda.  According to the article, this is the first time in the history of this particular poll that pro-choicers have been in the minority. I found this notably odd, given the current (but certainly not permanent) minority status of the Conservative movement.

— In what has to go down as one of the most bizarre stories I’ve heard, Morehouse student Joshua Brandon Norris was able to graduate despite shooting a classmate of his. In a plea agreement, Norris was able to avoid up to 20 years for shooting fellow student Rashad Johnson 3 times if he finished college. I’m all for seeing black men getting college degrees instead of prison sentences. But c’mon! Really?!

When I first started applying for colleges in high school, Morehouse was one of the schools I considered. Now, I’m RELIEVED I didn’t choose to go there. It would be embarrassing for me to claim a school that allowed a would-be murderer to get a diploma without so much as a slap on the wrist. I wonder how alumni are taking the news.

— Speaking of college graduations and shootings, this next story ripped me apart. Last week, Javon Jackson, a 23 yr old electrical engineering graduate from the University of Buffalo was gunned down less than one day after his graduation. It has been reported that he got into an argument earlier, which may have led to the shooting.

Though I can’t tell for sure whether the crime was committed intraracially, I have my suspicions given the location and the weapon of choice.  I hope I’m wrong. Whatever the case, this is yet another example of how young black people with the potential to do great things are being snuffed by low-lifes. Please keep the family in your prayers.

— Finally, speaking of untimely and sad deaths, Wayman Tisdale, former NBA hoopster, smooth jazzman, and philantropist has died from a two year bout with cancer. He was 44.  Oddly enough, I was about to buy a ticket to see him perform next month in Detroit. This dude was fierce on the bass; but above everything else, he was a great person. Rest well, my man.

That about does it for now. Until next post, I’ll holla!