16 comments on “Whereof one cannot speak…

  1. hi,

    I just stumbled across your blog post. And you are absolutely right. Palin is a complicated spokesperson for sure, and her situation doesn’t really speak to the majority of teens that end up as teen-age moms.

    I don’t blame her so much as I blame the “geniuses” that decided to offer her the post. At the end of the day, Candies is a company and they are out to make money, just as with the suggestive/sexual ads, they are trying to pimp Palin’s notoriety and gain a little good will for doing something to attack teen-pregnancy.

    • Hello Gazelledusahara (can we agree on an abbreviated name here? :)). Welcome to the discussion. I think you’ve hit an important point: the issue of Ms. Palin’s credibility and the ability to sell her message. So far, there have been at least a few students who have brushed her message off. Making her the face of the perils of teenage pregnancy is like asking Paris Hilton to be the keynote speaker at a job fair. If you have never had to deal with the same issues your audience is facing, your credibility tends to suffer.

      Also, I think it’s unfortunate that Candies is allow to use Ms. Palin just so they can essentially cover up their own sexual exploits. What better way to justify the sexually explicit ads they use to sell crap than to balance that all out with an abstinence preaching Palin? It’s pretty insidious, IMO.

  2. Hey Dre,
    Sigh…….After that conversation we had the other day, you run to your computer and tear into a girl who’s only really crime is bad judgement and being born to Sarah Palin. (H.C. puts his head in his hands and wonders why he even bothers.) I think I’ll go stamp out a piece on the judgement of Barack’s Step-brother in Kenya.

    • Look, HC. I said I was sorry. But you know I’m not wrong on this one. I mean, would you want one of your daughters hearing this silver spooned mess about abstinence. The message was fine. The delivery? Not so great.

      Sorta like Michelle Obama being a spokesperson for Payless Shoes while she’s rocking her $500 kicks. Right…?

      • O.K., O.K., I’ll concede. It is a case of right message and wrong messenger. And hypocracy IS one of the first things our children will notice when they don’t want to hear something. I may have been Wroooo…wroooo….not entirely right on this one.

        I still don’t understand the hate-fest on Sarah thing, but I guess nothing binds people together like someone to mutually despise.

  3. I found an excerpt from one of Bristol’s abstinence speeches:

    “Guys, don’t have children too early. It’s sooo, like, hard and stuff! I mean, like, look at me! Do you know how hard it is for the nanny to keep Tripp quiet during my exclusive primetime interview with Greta?”

    Egh. Somebody please make the Palins go away forever.

  4. Do as I say, not as I do. She’s becoming a true Republican after all.

  5. Let’s examine things, shall we. The spokesperson for abstinence is a girl who dropped out of school, doesn’t need a job, has parents who pull down six or seven figures easily, and is pulling down major loot herself for being an idiot. Makes sense to me.

  6. Riiiight. It’s like asking Bernie Madoff to be the national spokesperson for financial investments.

  7. No Mike. It’s more like Joe the Plumber becoming the national spokesperson for having a job.

  8. Since we’re on a roll here, it’s like Rush Limbaugh being the national spokesperson for drug addiction.

  9. I’m as old fashioned as they come, make no mistake. But why would Ms. Palin think that she could somehow be more effective at delivering a message than the people who tried delivering the same message to her? Narrowing your focus to abstinence only is a recipe for disaster. Too many people think that teaching sexual education is promoting sexual activity. Well, guess what? Trying to suppress it is the real cause of the rampant sexual activity with children. Like anything else prohibited, a secret and hidden world is created mostly because of the taboo placed on those things.

    Morally speaking, Ms. Palin is actually correct. It IS better to have teens abstain. But it’s also important to provide education and protection for those who can’t. Anything outside of that is socially irresponsible, myopic, and naive.

  10. Dre: good post and I agree. Sarah threw her daughter in the spotlight by praising her for getting married and doing the right thing……
    Anywho, I too want the Palins to go away forever 🙂

  11. Hi Andre,

    Nice post. In particular, one point you made stands out to me. You said:

    “If she has decided to make it her mission to preach the importance of abstinence despite her nihilistic views on its feasibility, kudos to her…Nothing says more about a person’s character and their perserverance than if they fight for a cause they truly don’t believe they can actually win.”

    Ms. Palin originally said that abstinence was unrealistic. I tend to believe that a person’s first comment usually reflects how they truly feel. Her doing an about face had something to do with landing the ambassador deal, political posturing for her mother, or both. So, since she still TRULY thinks abstinence is unrealistic but genuinely wants to promote it as option, good for her. But if she is only doing this out of pressure (perhaps why she changed her position on how realistic abstinence is), that would be unfortunate.

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