12 comments on “Must Be the Shoes

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  2. The difference between Michelle and Palin/McCain is that they were deliberately pointing fingers at the Obama’s for being “elitist” as some code words for “uppity negros.” The subvert racism they and their supporters displayed during the campaign stole a page from the Jim Crow era.

    • Panther, welcome to the discussion!

      I don’t deny the subtle racism manifesting itself during the campaign. But that was then. That doesn’t excuse Michelle’s actions. How do challenge claims of being “elitist” when you wear $500 to a food bank? If anything, Michelle is fitting right into that label. Wearing expensive clothing/accessories at a formal event is one thing. Wearing it at a food bank is something else. You still haven’t addressed that aspect.

  3. Dre, when you examine what some of what’s been worn by other first ladies, this pales in comparison. Everything is relative. I hope you’re not feeding into the right-wing criticism that comes from EVERY SINGLE THING the Obamas do.

  4. Co-sign with Cynthia. Had she worn shoes/clothing that was run down, Fox News would be talking about how her dress is not suitable enough for a first lady. It’s a lose-lose situation for the Obamas. The right will feed on anything they can.

  5. Besides all that, Michelle was at a food bank.You pointed that out yourself. The bottom line is that she was doing good for others. What does it matter what she was wearing?

  6. Cyn/Kenya,

    I can appreciate your love and support for the First Lady. I don’t deny that she’s a dope woman in all respects. But I hope your devotion to her is not blinding you from the obvious: the bad taste of showing up around a bunch of poor and hungry people wearing shoes that cost more than what most of them earn in a week.

    Again, nobody has addressed the “What if this were Sarah Palin or Cindy McCain…?” question.

  7. Hey Dre,
    Those shoes were $500! Really, $500?? I like mine better and they were $14 at K-Mart. It really takes the sparkle out of Barack’s “We all need to be more responsible” speeches as he runs up a $3.4 billion dollar budget with huge debts and Michelle does her impersonation of Imelda Marcos.

    Also; “What if this were Sarah Palin or Cindy McCain…?” The MSM would be beating them to a fine pulp.

    P.S. I still like Michelle, but this is the kind of thing she needs to be more conscience of.

  8. In my attempt at objectivity, I have to side with thehc. The media has definitely given our First Lady a pass. They also did the same with all the previous first ladies. But they were unrelenting with Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain. I’ll give you this one.

    But even when the media has essentially given Michelle a pass, SHE should be conscious enough to know how wrong this was and to understand how much negative PR this could have given the President. Fortunately for the Obamas, the media is very forgiving of them (except for Fox News and CNS of course!)

  9. We’re all overlooking something waaay more important here: HER SHOES ARE HIDEOUS!!!!!!

    okay back to the real point: Who found out how much they cost? In all honesty her total outfit appeared to be really casual and “ready to work.” Had someone not gone through the trouble I would never had guessed that they cost more than $60. Would it make it better if her shoes were gifted? I’m pretty sure that she didn’t have to buy them. Throughout Bush’s presidency his wife and daughters were praised for their breathtaking 6-figure gowns….but most were gifted by high end desigers to gain public interest. *think how actresses are treated on Oscar night*

    As I side note, I LOVED the way Mrs. McCain dressed during the election! 🙂

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