8 comments on “The Illegal Disease

  1. It was interesting watching Fox New’s Shep Smith – of all people – trying to quiet that radical conservative noise about immigration and health. I’d hate to be friends with those right wing loons. They scare too easily.

  2. By the way, I still think you’re impossible, Dre. This doesn’t change a thing.

  3. Odd how the media is supposedly an arm of the left wing, yet it’s the nervous conservative folk who go out & buy cases of duct-tape & sheath their homes in plastic. People are twits, & one day when I decide to get down from my high-horse, I’ll make it a point to remind them of it. 😉


  4. @ J: I give Shep about another month on there before FNC pulls the plug on him. He’s too sane and sensible for their likes.

    @ Nic: I agree. For all the talk about liberal media bias, conservative news clearly has the most influence over it’s extreme card-carrying members. Want to create/proliferate ethnic hysteria? Tie certain ethnicities to an “epidemic.” Amazing.

    @ LGS: Careful friend. Fox News might start spreading the myth that swine flu comes from squirrels. From there, the madness against our fuzzy tailed friends will ensue.

  5. Surely, you people aren’t going to hold the entire party accountable for what happens with a few extremists? In that case, let’s make PETA and the 9/11 Inside (nut)Jobs the spokespeople for the left!

    • What party (as if I don’t know)? The only comments that I see speak of “conservative”. And a “few extremists” in the MSM is all it takes for nonsense and “misinformation” to occur.

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